Fans Slam Judge Sal D’Amato After ‘Indefensible’ UFC Scorecard

Sean Strickland

Getty Sean Strickland punches Jack Hermansson.

Fans took to Twitter to blast Sal D’Amato after his scores were “indefensible” at UFC Vegas 47.

When the main event bout between Jack Hermansson and Sean Strickland went to the judge’s scorecards it seemed it would go unanimously in Strickland’s favor. But to the shock of many fans, one judge scored the fight for Hermansson.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sal D’Amato Scored Rounds 1, 3 & 5 in Favor of Jack Hermansson Despite the Other Two Judges Giving Him Only 1 Round Apiece

The scorecards, seen above, show Nevada State Athletic Commission judge Sal D’Amato, score the bout 48-47 in favor of Hermansson while the other two judges, Derek Cleary and Junichiro Kamijo scored it for Strickland (46-49).

The fans were not happy when the scores were read and took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

“Sal D’Amato needs to be investigated for bettor fraud. Or whatever the fuck it is when a judge is caught betting on fights for their own benefit. There’s zero reason why Sal D’Amato, the worst judge in history, would feel the need to score that fight 48-47 Hermansson,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“Ridiculous that this is still happening,” a fan tweeted. “He’s had so much controversy attached to many of his previous decisions, commissions need to stop choosing him and he should have to provide an explanation as to how he saw that for Jack – indefensible for me. Should never judge again.

“Worst UFC judge I have ever seen,” another fan tweeted.

Sal D’Amato is a blatant idiot,” someone tweeted.

“Sal D’Amato needs to get benched for a while. In no universe is that scorecard acceptable,” another fan tweeted.

“So can WE CANCEL Sal D’Amato ass from ever scoring a fight again. FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” another fan wrote.

Even fellow UFC fighters stepped in to roast the judge.

So does Sal D’Amato have to report to anyone on why he scored it for Jack? Would be very interested to hear his reasoning for giving him that score on the cards. Judge accountability should be a thing,” Chris Daukaus wrote on Twitter.

Sean Strickland’s Coach Eric Nicksick Took to Twitter to Share the Media’s Scorecards to Slam Sal D’amato’s Scores

Strickland’s coach Eric Nicksick shared a screenshot of various media scorecards from the fight to further show proof that the fight should have been scored as a unanimous decision rather than a split.

“Not even one media member scored it for Jack,” he wrote. “I know we won, but if this guy is still judging, he will continue to make egregious decisions and ultimately cost fighters their careers and livelihood.” He also included the hashtag #fireSal on his tweet.

Many of Nicksick’s followers agreed with him in the comments.

“I wouldn’t ever go as far as wanting someone to lose their job, but having said that, there needs to be accountability on some of these scores that come from the parking lot behind the bleachers in left field,” someone commented.

“100%. There’s the same judges at the head of every ridiculous decision. Adelaide Byrd is another one,” another person tweeted. “Hold judges accountable. With win bonuses and with how hard a loss can affect a career it’s ridiculous to have fighters robbed because of incompetence or malice.”

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