UFC Vet Details ‘Freakiest’ Thing Ever That Led to Saturday’s Fight Cancelation

Joe Lauzon

Getty Joe Lauzon

Once again, “The Ultimate Fighter veteran Joe Lauzon’s UFC scrap with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has been canceled. And this time, it was due to the “freakiest weirdest thing ever.”

Cerrone and Lauzon were scheduled to jerk the curtain as the UFC’s co-main event in Austin on Saturday night. The two were originally supposed to fight at UFC 274 last month, however Cowboy pulled out after falling ill.

The promotion rescheduled the bout for UFC on ESPN 37, but this time it was Lauzon who dropped out of the contest on fight day. Lauzon, who made weight, didn’t participate in the ceremonial weigh-ins on Friday, and then on Saturday morning, word got out that the clash was off again.

In a video blog shared on his Instagram page, Lauzon revealed that a knee injury rendered him unable to walk on his leg. He explained that his knee locked out right after he stepped off the scale at the official weigh-ins Friday morning.

“So I’m not fighting Cowboy Cerrone tonight,” Lauzon said via MMA Fighting. “The freakiest weirdest thing ever: I weigh-in officially, I got sit down, and I got to put my socks on, I turn my knee out, and my knee locks out.

“I’ve dealt with meniscus injuries on both knees, but this knee in particular, had it cleaned out a bunch of times, but when it does lock up, I can usually straighten out, it unlocks, totally fine, 100 percent, immediately. This time, I’m now surrounded by all the fighters, commission, Cowboy’s in the room, I’m trying not to make a scene and let people know there’s not a problem with my knee. Eventually, I end up hopping on one of my cornerman’s back, acted like I was choking him like we were joking, but I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t walk at all.”

Lauzon Said It Was ‘Heartbreaking.’ His ‘Brain Can’t Even Process It’

It was first reported that Lauzon missed the ceremonial weigh-ins due to suffering cramps. However, Lauzon dispelled that notion.

“The reason I didn’t go to weigh-ins wasn’t because of cramps, but I literally can’t put any weight on my left knee,” Lauzon said. “Literally, I can’t even stand. I can’t fight.

And to say Lauzon is disappointed is an understatement.

“This is heartbreaking because we’ve done a six-month camp,” he continued. “First, Cowboy can’t fight, now I can’t fight. Just absolutely horrible. Weighed in, totally fine, ready to go, and my knee locks up putting on socks. My brain can’t even process it.

“Now I’m just more concerned about how I’m going to be able to walk. How am I going to be able to put some weight on my knee? It’s not even a question of trying to be able to fight, but trying to be able to function.”

Lauzon Said Saturday Night Could’ve Been His Last Fight, Depending on the Outcome

Lauzon’s fight with Cowboy on Saturday could have been his very last. The 38-year-old combatant told MMA Junkie a few weeks back that if he got his “butt kicked” in Austin, he’d likely hang up his gloves for good.

Now with this injury, Lauzon’s fighting future has become unclear. However, this likely isn’t how Lauzon wants to go out.

“Sorry Cowboy, sorry everyone else,” Lauzon said in the video. “This sucks.”

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