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UFC color commentator Joe Rogan was blasted in a peculiar way on Saturday on the same day he was calling the action at UFC 263 in Arizona. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Rebecca Keegan on Twitter, someone just one state over in California paid a hefty sum to have a pilot fly around in an airplane to write in the Los Angeles sky: Joe Rogan is literally 5-foot-3.

Well, actually, someone paid money for an airplane to write “Joe Rogan is liteally 5-foot-3” in the sky. You can see that picture below, along with the literal misspelling of the word “literally”.

Another Twitter user captured a viral video of the incident.

You can see that post below.

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Popular Star Rogan Is Also Controversial

In addition to being one of MMA’s most recognizable figures, Rogan is one of the most popular podcasters in the world. “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast was snatched up by streaming giant Spotify last year for a reported $100 million multi-year licensing agreement, and that makes Rogan one of the richest podcasters in the world.

Around the time of that deal, Rogan also decided to move the headquarters of his podcast from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas.

That move, along with some of the ways in which Rogan has expressed himself on his podcast and in various other places, seems to have caused sincere ire to grow about him inside the hearts and minds of some people in the world.

That, or maybe it’s just a joke? Until the person who paid the skywriter comes forward, one can only guess at the motive.

Regardless, paying someone money to write a message like that in the sky about Rogan’s height is definitely strong evidence that something is going on.

According to Sportskeeda, by the way, Rogan “claims to be” five-foot-eight.

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Top Reactions From Twitter

Due to the incident, Rogan’s name was trending on Twitter.

That meant people were ready to offer their best comedic reactions to the news. You can see some of the top posts below.

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More Info Possibly Revealed

According to some users on Twitter, the full message wasn’t just about Rogan at all. Instead, it might have been a marriage proposal.

One user said, “the gag is the full message is ‘Will You Marry Me Mollie Pratt? She said yes! One more thing Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3…”.

Another user reported that the airplane actually had to go back over the message to correct the world “literally” from that part of the message about Rogan.

According to The Wrap, the other messages written in the sky alongside the one about Rogan were, “I love you more than anything,” “Excited to spend my life with you,” and “Until death do us part.”

So it was either some kind of elaborate marriage proposal, a prank on the world, or even some kind of viral marketing that’s yet to be fully revealed.

Regardless, Rogan was blasted via the sky on the same day as UFC 263, and the message was about his height.

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