Jorge Masvidal Receives UFC Career Advice From Fellow Star

Jorge Masvidal & Colby Covington

Getty Jorge Masvidal & Colby Covington

Former two-time welterweight title challenger Jorge Masvidal received some career advice from a fellow UFC star, Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen, a retired mixed martial artist who fought for three UFC straps, took to his YouTube channel to speak about the promotion’s “Baddest Motherf*****” and his current losing streak. Masvidal is 0-3 in his last three contests, which includes back-to-back defeats to then-champion Kamaru Usman for the welterweight strap, and most recently, a unanimous decision defeat to Colby Covington at UFC 272 in March 2022.

Masvidal remains one of the sport’s biggest stars, but with his recent skid, Sonnen pointed to “Gamebred’s” stock being at a lower level than what it was at the end of 2019 and into 2020. Well, “The American Gangster” said Masvidal has two potential fights available to him that could get fans excited and back on board.

First, Sonnen said Masvidal versus UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards could be massive for the former. The two have a heated rivalry that stems back to 2019 when Gamebred punched “Rocky” multiple times at a UFC London event. It appears Edwards and Usman will fight for the championship next, but should Usman not make it to fight night, Gamebred could be waiting to slide in as a replacement.

Sonnen Concocts a Plan for Masvidal

So, Sonnen has a plan for Masvidal.

“He has something very special with Leon,” Sonnen said. “Masvidal appears to me – I’m confident in telling you this but I’ll use the [words] ‘appears to me’ — to be putting a lot of eggs in the basket of Kamaru Usman doesn’t show up in March, he steps in, three-piece and a soda gets answered for. It’s a risk, it’s an outside shot. But I think he’s got a real opportunity there to go hard at Leon and hide the fact that he wants a title opportunity, the glitz and glamor, and the money that comes with it.

“And I think he can hide that very easily by coming out, telling the world, ‘Don’t call for me, don’t ask me to fight anybody — my next fight is going to be Leon.’ Well, Leon’s the champion of the world, Jorge, and you’re coming off a loss to Colby. How does that work?’ And he answers the question: ‘Because Leon isn’t going to beat Kamaru. I’m gonna wait until Kamaru beats him, then I’m gonna come in and beat him up again. I don’t care about the belt, I don’t care about the arena, I don’t care about the money. I’m coming for Leon.’”

Sonnen Also Said a Match With Nick Diaz Would Be Big for Masvidal

Another option for a dance partner is Nick Diaz, Sonnen said. Gamebred holds a win over Nick’s younger brother Nate Diaz, and they are two veterans of the sport who have never crossed paths.

Sonnen said: “One that he should do, one that I’ve always wanted him to do and one that he’s never done — and I wonder why? And I think it’s out of respect. But, it’s Nick Diaz.

“Big brother Nick avenging (Nate), coming in after the fact — this was talked about, this was discussed, this isn’t Chael’s idea,” he continued. “Nick talked about this. Nick was at Madison Square Garden. Nick was in the corner for the ‘BMF’ title.

“But, Masvidal never co-signed it. He never went for that. I don’t know why. I know he knows how big that would be. And I know he knows I’m right that it would work. That’s obvious. He didn’t do it, and I don’t predict he’s going to. And I think it has to do with respect, and I think that’s interesting.”

Sonnen also said Masvidal has other intriguing fights out there, including with former two-division champion Conor McGregor, as well as a rematch with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson or a contest with top-ranked welterweight Gilbert Burns.

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