Mike Tyson Dares Conor McGregor: ‘Sign the Dotted Line’

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson


Boxing legend Mike Tyson just dared UFC superstar Conor McGregor to sign a $50 million contract for an upcoming megafight boxing match. No, the 54-year-old former heavyweight champion of the world isn’t challenging McGregor to his own intergenerational boxing throwdown. Instead, it seems “The Baddest Man on the Planet” is curious to see what McGregor can do inside a boxing ring against YouTuber Jake Paul.

Tyson tweeted a clip from his “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast account in which he can be seen discussing McGregor’s potential boxing bout against Paul with the social media superstar.

Tyson’s Conversation With Paul About McGregor

The entire conversation between Tyson and Paul hasn’t yet been released. But in the clip shared to social media on Saturday, Paul questions Tyson over why McGregor hasn’t yet agreed to the megafight boxing match.

“I called out Conor McGregor while the whole entire world was watching. He’s fighting a guy…who he TKO’d already in one round. Why?” Paul said.

Tyson interrupted, “You know he’s not afraid of you, right?”

Paul responded, “I don’t give a s*** if he’s afraid of me. You don’t have to be afraid of someone to get your a** beat.”

Tyson agreed with that line of thinking.

“True,” Tyson said.

Then, Paul touted the $50 million offer he’s said he’s had for weeks now that he has waiting for McGregor.

Tyson’s Strange Spotlight on Paul Makes Some Sense

While it’s not that strange that Tyson is giving Paul a platform on his podcast, it is a bit strange for Tyson to suggest McGregor should “sign the dotted line” for the fight against a relative novice boxer who outweighs McGregor by more than 50 pounds.

Regardless, McGregor vs. Paul would draw tons of interest from all over the globe, and Paul seems to have developed a solid relationship with Tyson since appearing on the Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. undercard on Triller last year.

Paul’s viral knockout of ex-NBA star Nate Robinson on that card has helped earn the YouTuber an even bigger stage for his boxing exploits than he would have already enjoyed.

That he’s using all that heat to pursue a dangerous fight against McGregor is either crazy or stupid.

Either way, it would probably be fun to watch.

Contract Signed?

Earlier this week, Paul announced he’d be returning to the ring on April 17 against an opponent to be named later.

Most people don’t expect that opponent to end up being McGregor, but Paul did excitedly announce his opponent (whoever it is) had signed the contract for his next fight.

Paul badly wants to face McGregor next, but he’s not likely anywhere close to securing that megafight boxing match, at least not for this April.

Not even his newfound friendship with Tyson will help him do that.

McGregor might end up inside a boxing ring against someone later this year, but it’s not likely to be the YouTuber.

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