Nate Diaz Goes off on Francis Ngannou: ‘Your Daddy’

Francis Ngannou and Nate Diaz

Getty Nate Diaz slammed Francis Ngannou in a recent interview.

UFC superstar Nate Diaz returns to action against welterweight contender Leon Edwards on June 12 at UFC 263, but the 36-year-old American turned his attention toward a UFC champion a few weight classes above him in his latest interview.

Diaz had been asked by Yahoo’s Kevin Iole to respond to UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou’s June 6 tweet about UFC fighters getting paid less to fight than YouTubers such as Logan Paul. Diaz responded by completely shredding Ngannou and the rest of the UFC roster for just speaking up about the issue now.

“What is he doing wrong? What is Francis Ngannou doing wrong?” Diaz said in the interview shared on June 7.

He later continued, “should have listened to your daddy years ago, motherf******, years ago, all of you.”

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Ngannou Claims Paul Made $20 Million for the Mayweather Fight; Diaz’s Biggest Career Payout So Far Was Just Over $5 Million

Ngannou had asked over the weekend via Twitter, “What are we doing wrong?”

That happened after the UFC champ discovered how much more money Paul was making for his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather than Ngannou makes in the UFC.

Ngannou claimed Paul earned $20 million for the fight, a figure Paul himself told TMZ Sports was possible, though according to The New York Times “neither fighter nor their representatives have specified how much they are contracted to make, and no credible boxing reporter has reported the numbers.”

Diaz responded to Ngannou’s post with some seriously savage words.

“I’ve been doing more right than all the motherf****** for years and years, and they should have been spitting all that ‘I need money’ s*** a long time ago, like I was. I was never no champion, and I was saying f*** you, drop me, let me get some f****** money cracking, and what happened?” Diaz said.

Diaz, on the other hand, earned his biggest payout for a 2016 loss to Conor McGregor, according to MMA Salaries: $5.17 million including base salary, pay-per-view payout, a performance bonus and a sponsorship.

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Diaz Has Been Making Noise About Pay for Years

Diaz didn’t stop there, and it might be because of his longstanding beef with the UFC over pay.

“Their stock just raised anyway, and nobody was jumping on it. … What are we doing wrong? We should have listened to your daddy years ago, motherf******, years ago, all of you, the whole roster,” Diaz said.

Diaz’s unhappiness with his UFC earnings is nothing new.

In February 2014, Diaz tweeted a request to be released from his UFC contract reported in April 2014.

“They need to be about more money,” Diaz told the outlet. “My contract is all f***** up. I want to be paid like these other fighters. I’m over here getting chump change. … So they can either pay me or let me go.

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t get paid s***. I get $60,000 (to show) and $60,000 (to win). … I can’t even fight for the money they’re offering me.”

Despite the rhetoric, Diaz remains with the UFC.

But Diaz blames Ngannou and the rest of the UFC stars on the roster for not speaking up about the issue more in the past, and he’s not really all that interested in hearing them do it now.

“That’s you guys’ own problem that you ain’t getting no bag because of how bad you’ve been slacking,” Diaz said.

Diaz returns to action against Edwards in a five-round fight at UFC 263 on June 12.

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