Randy Couture Praises PFL: ‘I Think We’re Onto Something’

MMA Star Randy Couture

Getty MMA legend Randy Couture talks combat sports.

PFL commentator Randy Couture is one of the most decorated fighters in MMA history, but the 57-year-old UFC Hall of Famer remains in exile from the world’s leading MMA promotional company, UFC. Thankfully, Couture found a new home working with the PFL, and the MMA legend revealed to Heavy he’s having a blast working commentary for the fast-rising MMA promoter.

“I think we as fighters see specific details and little nuances that the average fan in our sport doesn’t get, and we get to pass that along. It’s been a blast,” Couture said.

Couture is the PFL’s lead analyst. He calls the action from cageside alongside two other former fighters, Sean O’Connell and Kenny Florian.

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Couture Praises PFL’s Tournament Unique Format

Couture was the first UFC champion ever to win titles in more than one weight class, and he remains the only one out of the total seven to have also won an old-school UFC tournament.

Additionally, Couture holds the record for most total title reigns at six.

All that makes Couture somewhat of an expert on what makes MMA awesome, and Couture believes that label applies to the PFL.

“It’s a true sports format. Our regular season fights are just about halfway through the regular season…There’s certainly something there. I think we’re onto something with this format in the Professional Fighters League,” Couture said.

While tournaments have gone by the wayside in the UFC, Couture believes the updated tournament structure used by the PFL, one that consists of a regular season, playoffs, and championship, is something that will continue to help the PFL set itself apart from the competition.

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Couture ‘Excited’ About Other Factors, Too

Moreover, Couture also praised the way the PFL treats its fighters. That would especially be important to someone like Couture, whose longstanding beef with UFC president Dana White basically stems from how vocal Couture has been over the years about how the UFC treats its fighters in regards to pay, contracts, and other important details.

It’s what has kept Couture from being celebrated by the UFC in the way he merits, but it hasn’t kept Couture from speaking out against the UFC on a regular basis.

Couture is happy to be associated with the PFL because he doesn’t see there the same kind of practices that put him at odds with the UFC.

“The way they’re taking care of these fighters and giving them a great opportunity to make a great living in the sport of mixed martial arts. I’m pretty excited to be part of it,” Couture said.

PFL’s Entertaining 2021 Season Continues on June 10

Still, arguably the most important piece of the puzzle for the PFL, at least in terms of continuing to build a brand that’s sure to last, is the company creating meaningful content that can continue to compete in the increasingly global MMA marketplace.

Couture noted the PFL’s 2021 season was just about halfway over now, but it had already provided a slew of spills, thrills, and action.

“We’ve started off with a flurry,” Couture said.

PFL returns on June 10 on ESPN2 and ESPN+. The remainder of the PFL’s regular season is scheduled for June 17 and June 25.

Couture said, “Anthony Pettis making his debut, then being defeated by Clay Collard in the first show of the year…our two double champions, Natan Schulte, Lance Palmer both going down as they start their journey towards a three-peat… Kayla Harrison coming back…to become the best women’s mixed martial artist that we’ve ever seen…Fabricio Werdum…”.

Those are just a few of the hottest stories in the PFL this year, and Couture is excited to see how the rest of the action unfolds.

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