UFC Star Sean O’Malley Reacts to Dana White’s Recent Controversy

UFC, Sean O'Malley, Dana White

Getty Sean O'Malley reacts after his knockout victory over Raulian Paiva.

UFC star Sean O’Malley weighed in on the recent physical altercation involving company president Dana White.

135-pound top contender O’Malley has been out of action since taking on former interim bantamweight champion Petr Yan at UFC 280. He put in an impressive performance and managed to edge out Yan on the judges’ scorecards by a razor-thin split decision after a hard-fought war.

UFC head honcho White was on vacation in San Lucas Cabo, Mexico, to celebrate the New Year with his friends and family. TMZ Sports reported White got into a scuffle with his wife, Anne, at a popular local nightclub right around midnight. A clip showed Anne slapping Dana first before he fired back with multiple slaps.

White faced a lot of heat for his actions, with some fans and fighters arguing he should have never hit a woman. On the other hand, some extended their support for White claiming he was not the only one in the wrong.

O’Malley Feels Bad for White

O’Malley took to his YouTube channel to share his thoughts on the incident.

“I feel bad for Dana. His wife slapped him. That is rude and it deserves a slapping back. I don’t know it’s a tricky one. Treat people how you want to be treated. I don’t think that he would have ever done that sober, probably not. I would assume sober, no drinks, she slaps him, I don’t think his initial reaction is to slap back.

“When that alcohol’s flowing, I’ve never hit a girl, but I’ve been blacked out and I’ve done things that I can’t believe I’ve done. What if that was his like, ‘f***!’ I don’t know. I don’t think it was right. Obviously, you should not hit, especially a little girl like that.

O’Malley further joked about what she should have done, likening it to a real combat sports competition.

“But alcohol’s flowing, she hit him first, it was a nice counter, she should have kept her hands up, you know what I mean? A little head movement. If you’re going to slap, you got to be ready to slap, you gotta continue with that combo. She should have hit him with a one-two and not just a two.

O’Malley Says White Will Lose Business Due to the Incident

‘Suga’ Sean concluded it was a bad look for White that would likely impact him in a negative way financially.

“No, it’s not right. They’re going to lose a lot of business. It sucks but man, it’s hard to say… He’s definitely going to lose money, get a lot of negative feedback and gain some haters.”

O’Malley took notice of when the news broke. The original altercation allegedly took place on the night of New Year’s Eve but was not released until the following Monday, Jan. 2. According to O’Malley, the timing seemed too convenient.

“But it almost happened perfect timing when, I hate to say it, with that football player, Damar Hamlin. Because those headlines took over everything. That was what came out almost more than Dana’s thing. His thing seems like it’s over.”

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