Nike Unveils WNBA Star Sabrina Ionescu’s Second Signature Shoe, ‘Sabrina 2’

Sabrina Ionescu of the New York Liberty

Getty Images Sabrina Ionescu of the New York Liberty

To the delight of sneakerheads everywhere, Nike recently unveiled the highly anticipated second signature shoe for the celebrated WNBA and New York Liberty star Sabrina Ionescu. Scheduled for a grand release on June 28, the Sabrina 2 boasts a captivating “Court Vision” colorway, as ESPN’s renowned footwear expert Nick DePaula shared.

The striking purple and black sneakers are a visual delight and a symbol of excellence. They are adorned with distinctive Ionescu branding, including her iconic “S” logo prominently displayed on the tongue of the shoe. Such attention to detail underscores Nike’s commitment to honoring Ionescu’s remarkable talent and unique style on and off the court.

The Sabrina 1s took the basketball world by storm. The shoes became popular not only in the amateur ranks but also in the professional game. Various NBA stars donned the Sabrina 1s during the 2024 season. And we even saw a pair of Sabrina 1 cleats in the NFL.

The Sabrina 1’s Took Over Basketball

Sabrina Ionescu’s inaugural signature sneaker, the Sabrina 1, transcended traditional boundaries by being a unisex footwear option. This groundbreaking decision marked a significant moment in Nike’s history, representing the first time a female basketball player had been honored with a unisex shoe in the brand’s storied legacy.

Boston Celtics point guard Jrue Holiday was the first NBA player to wear the Sabrina 1s in a regular-season game, and Ionescu was on hand to witness it. “I don’t even think I watched the game,” Ionescu said to ESPN. “I was really just watching his feet.”

According to, Holiday wore the Sabrina 1s in 57 games throughout the 2024 NBA season. In total, 114 players from the WNBA and NBA wore the Sabrina 1s in a regular-season game in 2024.

And it wasn’t just in pro basketball that players were showing their love for the Sabrina 1s. New York Jets running back Breece Hall showcased his admiration for basketball star Sabrina Ionescu by sporting custom Sabrina 1 cleats during a game in the 2023 NFL season.

Ionescu Was Very Involved in the Details of the Design

Ionescu didn’t just want her own signature shoe; she wanted to be involved in the process and wanted specific details that reflected her mindset and approach to the game of basketball. “It was cool to see her attention to detail and knowledge of what we did,” Benjamin Nethongkome, Nike Basketball senior footwear designer, said in an interview with Forbes. “From a creation standpoint, her partnership was really refreshing. She was very vocal out of the gate. Even at that early stage, she was very engaged, very vocal.”

Beyond the distinctive “S” logo adorning the tongue and sole, every shoe detail exudes Ionescu’s influence, including the strategic positioning of the Nike swoosh on the inside back heel. Symbolically pointing towards the sky, the swoosh embodies the ethos of shattering barriers and defying expectations, a sentiment echoed by Nike’s product director, Deepa Ramprasad.

Collaborating closely with Ionescu since the inception of the design process in 2019, Ramprasad attests to the basketball star’s hands-on involvement and meticulous attention to detail at every stage. The result is a sneaker that exemplifies inclusivity and excellence, resonating with a diverse audience beyond the confines of the WNBA to captivate fans across the NBA and beyond – a testament to Ionescu’s universal appeal and enduring impact in the world of sports and fashion.

“From a values perspective, we believe it’s our mission and responsibility … of really growing the game,” Ramprasad said. “Growing the game through inclusivity, equity and, creating space and creating platforms for all who love the sport. We’re all so passionate about the power that basketball has, and when I think about the significance of the Sabrina 1, that’s one of the biggest things that comes to mind, and that’s a testament to Sabrina.”

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