How to Watch ‘Fuller House’ Season 5 Episodes Online

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The last season of Fuller House premieres December 6th at 3am EST/ 12pm PST. This Netflix original carries on the stories of the Tanner family, first seen in ABC’s Full House. Viewers need to log into their Netflix account to see the entire season, but there are other ways to catch up.

The show got an unexpected source of attention when actress Lori Loughlin was arrested as part of a college admission scandal. Many were guessing if the show would continue to have her portray Aunt Becky. The options and choices were slim. Producers could recast the role with another actress and risk upsetting fans. Another choice would have been to include Loughlin as if nothing happened. Once again, they risked alienating the fanbase who might have been upset concerning the allegations.  Ultimately, the decision was made to leave her out of the final season.

Netflix Is the Official Home of Fuller House

Anyone without a Netflix account can take advantage of a free trial that runs for 30 days.  To use this promotion, new users must enter payment information such as a debit or credit card. Potential customers are able to cancel at any time, but payments will be processed after the trial is finished if cancellation is not confirmed. The service does offer a reminder before the cancellation deadline.

Netflix users on the go have another way to watch the popular series. The download feature offers access to one or more episodes when wi-fi or similar mobile service isn’t available. To take advantage of this option, the device should have enough space to hold the selected episodes. There is no limit to the amount of movies and series in this special feature. If someone discontinues the account, they no longer have access to the downloaded materials.

Previous Seasons Can be Found Through Other Online Services

Previous seasons are online outside of the Netflix service. Though the service itself still carries the full collection of seasons, other outlets allows episode rentals and purchases. Youtube provides episodes for purchase that have a starting cost of $1.99. Amazon Prime gives buyers a chance to choose between single episode and full season purchases. For example, season 3 comes in HD and costs $21.00. Single episodes are also in HD and can be bought for $2.99. Much like Amazon, Google Play offers both full seasons and single episodes. Prices for full season are slightly higher at $24.99. The episodes are eligible to be a part of the Google Play Family Library program. These prices are subject to change or any properties may be removed by Netflix without notice.



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