Pound for Pound Rankings: February 2011

The Spider goes back to the top of the class

1. Anderson Silva

Jeremy Botter: Can there be any doubt? Silva’s lightning-quick destruction of Vitor Belfort cements his place as the greatest fighter walking the planet today, and perhaps the greatest fighter of all time. A proposed dream match with Georges St. Pierre is nearly a reality, with only Jake Shields standing in the way.

Jeff Cain: With his UFC 126 knockout of Vitor Belfort, Anderson ends the debate over who is the pound for pound best in the world.  He’s on a 14 fight win streak, undefeated in the UFC and has cleared out the middleweight division.  We are witnessing the greatest fighter of all time in Silva.

Matt Brown: I’ll be the first to admit, I was on the Aldo bandwagon.  Take nothing away from the fast-rising prospect, but Anderson Silva is in a class by himself.  In my opinion, he’s three or four more wins away from going down as the greatest fighter that has ever lived – in any combat sport.

2. Georges St. Pierre

Jeremy Botter: St. Pierre is wise to not look past Shields, a competitor who always seems to find a way to beat the guys he’s not supposed to. But St. Pierre’s dominance over the past few years has been beautiful to watch, and as he nears what could be his final fight in the welterweight division, we need to realize that we’re watching the guy who may go down as the best welterweight of all time.

Jeff Cain: St. Pierre hasn’t lost a round in his last seven fights.  What he lacks in finishes, he makes up for with complete domination of his opponents.  He’s one fight away from clearing out he welterweight division.

Matt Brown: GSP certainly has a resume that could claim the top spot on this list.  Fortunately for all of us, if he beats Jake Shields at UFC 129, we’ll finally get to see who truly deserves the top spot as Dana White indicated that he’ll have the top two fighters in the world get it on.  A true student of the game, St. Pierre looks more impressive every time you see him in the Octagon.

3. Jose Aldo

Jeremy Botter: Aldo’s UFC debut will come in Toronto, and it’ll be quite the opportunity for the Brazilian to make a statement in front of the largest crowd in UFC history.

Jeff Cain: No champion in the sport is running through opponents like Aldo is, and he’s making it look easy.

Matt Brown: Perhaps the most exciting fighter in the entire sport of mixed martial arts, Jose Aldo will face one of the best strikers in MMA when he squares off with Mark Hominick in April.  Another highlight reel victory here would blur the line and stir debate as to whether or not he deserves the #1 spot on the list.

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