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    While Patricia Arquette isn't currently married, her first husband was actor Nicolas Cage best known for movies like "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Raising Arizona."

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    The sequel that no one wanted is loud, chaotic and dumb -- and feverishly, brazenly, unapologetically so, thanks to the filmmaking bravado of Neveldine/Taylor and weirdo theatrics of Nicolas Cage.

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    Nicolas Cage wears a snakeskin jacket -- a symbol of his individuality, and belief in personal freedom -- in David Lynch's valentine from hell, now available on Netflix Instant.

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    January used to be considered a dumping ground for the studios, where they would shuffle all of their problem children productions and hope that cabin fever would get enough folks out of the house and into the theater to squeeze out a profit. That's all changed now.

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    Yes, still psyched for Kick-Ass, thanks for asking. The final poster for the street-level costumed crimefighter flick has dropped, and it's pretty sweet. The movie opens April 16th and stars Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Grace Moretz, Mark Strong and Nicolas Cage.