• Nicolas Cage Visits His Pyramid Tomb With Riko Shibata

    In 2010 Nicholas Cage purchased the last two plots in New Orleans' St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and built a nine-foot-tall cement pyramid mausoleum to house his remains after his death.

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    To celebrate the release of The Hangover III on Blu-ray/DVD, we bring you the seven most sinfully delicious films featuring Las Vegas.

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    The sequel that no one wanted is loud, chaotic and dumb -- and feverishly, brazenly, unapologetically so, thanks to the filmmaking bravado of Neveldine/Taylor and weirdo theatrics of Nicolas Cage.

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    Nicolas Cage goes bonkers investigating a snuff film in Joel Schumacher's sleazy thriller, now available on Netflix Instant.

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    Movie night! Time to drill a hole into the bottom of the popcorn bucket, drop your drawers and get a little loving from Hollywood! This week's big news is Twilight: New Moon, which will attract every single preteen girl in America to the theaters like a moth to a sparkly undead flame...