Reddit Under Malicious DDoS Attack

Reddit is experiencing outages due to a malicious DDoS attack. When people try to access the site labeled as the “front page of the internet,” they will see this image:


If you are lucky to access the site you will see a warning stating the site is being “attacked by a malicious DDoS attack. Please stay tuned.”


There isn’t too much information on who is responsible for the malicious attack, but Reddit knows its under attack. It looks like partial service has been restored, when I went to the site I could read the homepage. But for some people they may still experience problems when it comes to accessing different parts of the site.

Reddit has been under a lot of heat over its subreddit focusinng on finding the perpetrators of Boston Marathon bombings. After the bombings people started posting videos and photos of the attack, accusing innocent people. We’re not sure if the DDoS attack has to do with the controversy.

“alienth” a reddit employee said “The load from the Boston incident was measurable. The attack which is ongoing is orders of magnitude larger. We’re mitigating it the best we can.”

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