Google Play Downloads Will Overtake Apple: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In the next few months, Google Play is projected to become the most popular app platform. Here are five facts you need to know.

1.Google Play Has Over 500 Million App Downloads

Distimo, an app analytics firm, released a report claiming Google Play will surpass Apple as the premiere app platform in a few months. Cult of Android supports this because Android has 900 million devices on the market compared to 600 million running iOS. With a projected date of October 2013, the Google Play store’s current
2.5 billion a month will surpass Apple’s 2 million app downloads. In 2012, Android owned 70% of the market share for smartphones while Apple owned the rest. Based on this recent news, they may not last long.

2.Android Has Been Winning Over Developers

According to The Telegraph, Android’s biggest success so far has been winning over new developers. Initially, apps on Google Play were very sparse but with recent successes like the BBC delivering their news simultaneously the gap may be narrowing. The Telegraph’s same report said that Google Play’s library had 48 billion downloads compared to the 850,000 titles in the Apple Store.

3.The App Store Hit 50 Billion Downloads

Cult of Mac reported that the app store hit a milestone of 50 billion a few weeks ago. The company offered a variety of incentives like a $10,000 App Store gift card to the lucky downloader and $500 dollar gift cards to to the 50 people who download after the benchmark was hit. The lucky winner was Mentor, Ohio resident Brandon Ashmore. Since this took close to five years to happen, this was a huge occasion for the company but may not help in the long run.

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4.Android’s Other Advantage

Mobile Business Summit - Dediu
Asymco analyst Horace Dediu feels that the sheer weight of the products will help. Thanks to the weight, Android will users will generate more downloads and that will help propel Google to the lead with the abundance of products too. Despite this, Hediu feels iOS consumes more apps preventing a quick win since the total download/install base for iOS is 83 compared to Google’s 53.

5.September vs. October

The projected dates of when Google Play will beat its innovative rival has varied a bit. The majority seems to favor October, some are looking towards September. Its impressive both company’s achieved these remarkable five year accomplishments but october seems to be the more reliable indicator. Another factor than can help Google’s app output will be the release of their Google Glass next year. It’s still to early to make full predictions but the glasses may help the company leave Apple in the dust.

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