PHOTOS: Is This the Display for the Rumored iPad 5?


No release date is set but this is supposed to be the front panel for the iPad 5 (Sonny Dickson)

Sonny Dickson, the blogger who has become the most prominent source of Apple leaks in the past few weeks, posted a gallery of the specs for the rumored iPad 5. The pictures on the site are all high-res but provide nothing surprising that avid Apple fans don’t already know.


It looks like Apple’s next tablet will have thinner bezels and a retina display (Sonny Dickson)

Based on these images, the next-gen tablet will essentially look like a scaled-up mini. Applying the mini’s tech to the new flagship iPad was done based on the successful sales figures of the first mini. The smaller sides show the bezels will be trimmed down and an opening for a retina display.

The only speculation these pictures don’t seem to support is that Apple was testing larger screens for these tablets last month. The next wave of Apple’s smartphones is supposed to be announced in two weeks, but new reports show that September 10 could be a showcase for all of the new Apple products. As usual, tread lightly when looking at these pictures. Although Sonny Dickson has become a prolific leaker of these images, this could always change. We’ll find out in a few weeks.