WATCH: New iPhone 5C Compared Against iPhone 5

Rumors revolving around Apple’s newest batch of phones are heating up as September 10 creeps closer. While the name remains a mystery (could be iPhone 6), the two titles that are catching on are either the iPhone 5S or 5C.


This image appeared after an Apple supplier was accused of labor violations. (CNET)

If the second item is true, Apple could make some serious waves this fall starting with a brand new product line. The cheaper iPhone is projected as a cost-effective alternative that may be released alongside the new flagship phone.

Today, we might have gotten our first look at the hypothetical gadget thanks to increasingly adventurous leaker Sonny Dickson. The blogger has posted a high-def video that closely examines the phone’s casing.


The Lime Green case is one of the many shades that this iPhone will be housed in. (Sonny Dickson)

Lacking sound, this is the most detailed exploration we have gotten so far. The “5C” is close to the same length as the previous version while the display is estimated to be around 4 inches. The video also illustrates that the item will have a yellow back plate too.

Dickson gives a pretty thorough exploration but we still need more details. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts. Start getting excited for the fall.