WATCH: Apple’s New iPad Mini 2 & iPad 5 Versus iPad Mini

Apple is set to announce two new iPhones on September 10th but rumors have circulated that the company would release two brand new tablets this fall as well. This video, posted on a Youtube channel called Unbox Therapy, claims that this is a detailed comparison between the two new iPads known as the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad 5. Both gadgets are lined up against the current version of the iPad Mini.

The difference with the two new iPads are the variation of the Apple logos on the back. The second generation mini has a mirrored finish while the iPad 5 has the dark Apple insignia. The video demonstrates that the iPad Mini 2 will have the same form as its previous version but is expected to receive a significant internal upgrade with the inclusion of a retina display. Surprisingly, the fifth generation iPad does have a very similar design to the second mini too.

While this video shows “leaked” rear casings and alleged parts have been surfacing for months, this may be the first legitimate look we have at another set of Apple products.