How To Quickly Remove The Blue Favicon From Your Gmail Account

While Google got gmail back and up and running after yesterday’s outage, the blue favicon is still sitting at the top of your account. That obnoxious blue-gear replaced the standard red envelope a few weeks ago. This situation is not hopeless. A developer named Ben Doughtery has posted a simple solution to remove it from your browser and restore it with the original red envelope.

1. Click The Settings Cog On The Far Left


2. Go The Labs Tad And Search For Unread


3 At The Enabled Labs Section Click Enable .


If you follow these steps successfully, the familiar red envelope should appear at the top of your browser. However, there is one difference. The icon now tells you how many e-mails you have sitting in your inbox. Once I completed the process, I saw “60+” hovering at the top of my screen.

While this would satisfy the need for instant gratification, Gizmodo points out that you could just wait for the favicon to disappear in the next few weeks. At the bottom of Brad Dougherty’s post, one commenter writes that is actually a glitch and will be erased from gmail accounts soon.