Target Ticket Launches Today: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Target Ticket has launched today. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.Target Ticket Is A Brand New Streaming Service For Families


Target launched Target Ticket today. The streaming service gives customers access to a massive library of content. (Target Ticket)

The colossal retailer has launched their new streaming site today after months of beta testing. The service is now live with over 30,000 movies and more than 50 episodes of “next-day TV.”

2. It Has No Signup Fee or Monthly Subscription Costs


This is Target Ticket’s payment page. The website presents its argument on why to join. (Target Ticket)

Target’s instant video service has no monthly fees compared to competitors like Netflix who charge a certain price for monthly or yearly use. Similar to Amazon Prime and iTunes, customers will simply pay for individual rentals and purchases.

3. The Service Is Compatible Across A Variety of Gadgets


Target Ticket can be streamed across several gadgets including iPhones and Sony smart TV’s. (Target Ticket)

In an effort to spread their program across multiple platforms, Target Ticket works for numerous devices. iPhones and HTC phones are some of the mobile devices that work well with it while it can be streamed to Samsung and Panasonic smart TVs.

4. It Gives Users Access To TV Shows The Day After They Air


Target Ticket will air popular TV shows the day after they air. This deal was similarly structured to the deal Amazon Prime had for airings of the summer hit “Under The Dome.” (Target Ticket)

One of the benefits off all these platforms is the volume of content available as well as the ease of access. For Target Ticket, TV shows from many popular programs will appear the next day. This includes The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory.

5. It Launched One Week Early


Target Ticket launched one week early but it has enough features to compete with the other streaming sites. (Target Ticket)

Target Ticket was supposed to arrive on October 1st but the company clearly feels like its ready despite the beta tag still housed in the upper left corner. Although its main competitors seem to be iTunes and Amazon Instant Video, Netflix should remain a little cautious.

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