Apple Hires Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Apple has officially added another fashion exec to to its retail operations. Here are five fast facts you need to know about Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts.

1. She Will Become Apple’s SVP of Retail


Angela Ahrendt with Mario Testino at Burberry Porsum Front Row Fashion Show 2011.(Getty)

This newly created role for Angela Ahrendts will start in spring 2014. She will report directly to Tim Cook. Ahrendts has been CEO of the fashion power-house since July 2006 and pulled the brand out of turnaround mode placing within the upper echelons of high-fashion fame.

2. This Is The Second Fashion Exec Apple Has Hired This Year


Ahrendts joins Paul Deneve as the second biggest fashion hire for Apple in the past few months. (Getty)

Ahrendts is added to the fold after Apple hired Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve to head special projects for the conglomerate back in July. In an effort to bolster their retail sections, Ahrendt beat out several other high-profile candidates for this role. AllThingsD reported earlier this year that she was competing against the CEO of Starbucks as well as Nike.

3. Apple And Burberry Have A Strong Professional Relationship

This particular hire may be due to the strong relationship Apple has with the fashion house. Tim Cook is leading the charge on altering perceptions about Apple’s various devices. Cook wants these products to be seen as the most luxurious in the world. Last month, the company issued a press release declaring that Burberry would have early access to the iPhone 5s in order to photograph their annual fashion show as an effort to show off the impressive camera.

4. Retail Operations At Apple Are Notoriously Difficult To Run


Ahrendts has her work cut out for her after several other execs have departed this position. Ahrendts hosted the Prince of Wales at Burberry’s HQ during summer 2011. (Getty)

Despite the beneficial bond between these titans of industry, this particular post at Apple has been difficult to run. The title may change but quite a few execs have been either ousted or ran a different company with varying results. Ron Browett had committed a number of missteps before he left Apple to run J.C. Penney which is struggling to survive. Ahrendt’s tenure leading Burberry was well-received since the brand consistently beat out the FTSE 100.

5. Where Is The iWatch?


Ahrendt at the 2011 International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference. (Getty)

The titles may be different but there is one project Apple could have in the pipeline that may be attracting interest from these execs is the rumored ‘iWatch’. Wearable tech is becoming a big trend and Tim Cook has expressed interest before in pursuing development of these projects. Samsung has beaten Apple to the punch but Ahrendt and Deneve have experience in bolstering brands so they could end up taking control of this contraption if it is indeed true. Ahrendt is qualified for this role but Apple has yet to announce a smartwatch with upcoming iPad announcement so it may take more time to see how this unfolds.