Facebook Users Can’t Post, Like or Comment On Their Profile


A new bug may be harming numerous Facebook profiles today with many users complaining that they can’t perform any of the basic functions on the site. Posting status updates, liking pictures or comments as well as leaving comments are impossible with an error message popping up claiming you should try again in a few minutes. Downrightnow claims that the site is likely experiencing a service disruption that started 2 hours ago. It’s unknown when they will be fixing the issue but now Facebook may be up and running again with some users still experiencing difficulty. Business pages are still having problems but functionality still seems to be returning. Issues occurred over the weekend with the mobile app preventing people from syncing with their desktop profiles. We will keep you updated but check out the tweets and links below to find out important info about this issue.

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1 Comment

Jack Yan

This is an annual thing for me now. Sixty-nine hours gone in 2014 with exactly this bug, and again this week (Wednesday and Friday out, though not quite as badly as I could still cross-post and use messaging). I wish Facebook would fix it: there are articles like this about it, so it’s not as though it doesn’t know there is a problem.

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