iPhone Sales Report: Blue 5c, Space Gray 5s Lead Pack

CIRP, a group concerned with analyzing Apples’ sales, released various charts today details iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales.

Below you can see the overall percentages of colors sold for the 5s and 5c:

iphone 5s colors char

As you can see, Space Gray led the pack for the 5s, Blue for the 5c, with Silver and White trailing each respectively.

Below you can see the 5s colors by gender

5s colors by gender

Things are pretty evenly uninteresting, with women expressing a slight preference for Silver over Space Gray.

Below you can see 5c colors sales by gender

5c colors by gender

Not surprisingly, girls are buying “girly” colors, and dudes are avoiding Pink and Yellow.

All in all, nothing too crazy to report, just a general pride that America, at least 63% of it, didn’t spring for that horrifically tacky gold iPhone 5S.

If you’re wondering how much 5S is selling compared to 5c, here’s a chart for September:

old models

All in all, iPhone 5s is a hot commodity — particularly in “Space Gray,” whatever that means.