Black Friday 2013 Deals & Sales: Today’s 13 Best Bargains

Today’s Black Friday (it starts Thursday for these retailers) is looking to be one of the best yet. Check out these awesome deals. See store specific deals for Walmart, Best Buy, and the best Black Friday television deals too.

Opening Times via

*Best Buy: Stores open 6 p.m. Thursday and remain open through 10 p.m. Friday.
*Walmart: Stores open 6 p.m. Thursday and remain open through Black Friday. Special door busters offered at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m. on Friday.
*Target: Stores open 8 p.m. Thursday and remain open to 11 p.m. Friday.
*Toys “R” Us: Stores open 5 p.m. Thursday and remain open until 10 p.m. on Friday.

1. Target’s iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB – $479 (With $100 Target Gift Card)

Wow. Just wow.

ipad air target

2. Wal-Mart’s Galaxy S3 — Where You Get $93

The S3 may not be the best phone out there, but it’ll do you just fine — and you get $93.

wal mart s3

3. Wal-Mart’s 32″ 720P HDTV – $98

$100 for a very decent TV. Check it out.

cheap tv wal-mart,

This is a high definition 32″ inch Tv for less than $100. Not much to explain except that this a great deal.

4. $8 Board Games at Toys R Us

Lots of games for little money, this is the way to go for that family-oriented fun.

toys r us games,

5. Wal-mart’s 15.6″ Laptop With Celeron Processor, 4GB Ram, Windows 8 – $177.99

walmart black friday,

This is an awesome computer for under $200. You might not be able to play the latest games or edit high definition video, but for almost any other purpose, this is the best you can do in this price range. Good luck at Wal-Mart!

6. Target’s $179 iPhone 5s — With $30 Gift Card

target 5s,

7. Target’s $39 Galaxy S4

Spend the money, and get a much nicer smartphone at target.

galaxy s4,

8. Target’s Nikon L-320 Camera Doorbuster – $99

Get there early for this knock-out deal.


9. Wal-Mart – Call of Duty: Ghosts – $40

Black Friday 2013 Video Games

One of the hottest game titles of the season at a discounted rate, Wal-mart is just trying to get you in the door with this one. This is an obvious loss-leader, pick it up.

10. Target – Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle (With Copies of Kinect Sports Season Two and Kinect Adventures) – $190

Movement-based games are fun for the whole family, this is a reasonable price for a great product. Slow down on that Xbox one, wait a year and it’ll be significantly cheaper!

Black Friday 2013 Xbox 360

11 & 12. Toys R Us’ Skylanders Giant and Spyro’s Adveture – $9.99 With 3DS XL Purchase


13. Walmart’s Smashing iPhone Deals


The hottest gift of the season and cheap too. What more can you ask? The iPhone 5s is $189 with $100 Wal-Mart gift card, iPhone 5c is $46 with $100 gift card. Plus, you can trade in any phone for up to $300. Whoa, boy.

Don’t Be This Lady

Woman Pepper Sprays Crowd to Get What She Wants: an Xbox 360

Black Friday Gone Bad! Los Angeles Pepper Spraying!20 People are injured after a woman pepper sprayed her way through Walmart to get herself an X-Box at 1/2 off! She even sprayed kids!2011-11-26T05:36:07.000Z

more Black Friday Crowd and Fight videos.

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