Wal-Mart Black Friday Sales: Top 10 Deals Worth Fighting the Crowds

If you want to know how crazy Wal-Mart’s going to be check out our 5 Worst Crowd Videos (three of which are at Wally World), but if you want to know how awesome the deals are, and how much they’re worth fighting for, read on.

Just don’t pepper spray anyone like this crazy lady!

1. Wal-Mart’s Galaxy S3 — Where You Get $98


If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, the S3 isn’t the best you can do, but it’s a solid phone and you will get paid $94 (in Wal-Mart money) if you pick it up with a two year contract. It doesn’t really get better than getting to get something.

2. Wal-Mart’s 32″ 720P HDTV – $98


This is a high definition 32″ inch Tv for less than $100. Not much to explain except that this a great deal.

3. Wal-mart’s 15.6″ Laptop With Celeron Processor, 4GB Ram, Windows 8 – $178


This is an awesome computer for under $200. You might not be able to play the latest games or edit high definition video, but for almost any other purpose, this is the best you can do in this price range. Compare that to a $250 Chromebook that will only let you go online, that’s no good. This is an awesome deal.

4. Walmart’s Smashing iPhone Deals


The hottest gift of the season and cheap too. What more can you ask? The iPhone 5s is $189 with $100 Wal-Mart gift card, iPhone 5c is $46 with $100 gift card. Plus, you can trade in any phone for up to $300. Whoa, boy.

5. Wal-Mart’s TouchSmart Laptop 14″ 500GB HD, 4GB Ram – $278


Again, another cheap laptop, but this one will mimic an iPad with its touch screen. Compare the hard drive size on this puppy to an iPad though! You can bring all the movies you want wherever you go.

6. Wal-Mart’s Nintendo 2DS — $100

Dirt-cheap Nintendo (classic parochial synecdoche!) many reasonable adults are considering — for themselves.


An awesome system for $100, perfect for the young or old gamer.

7. Wal-Mart — 60 Inch, 1080P, 120hz (Good for Games), $688

4wal 60 in 1080p 120hz 688d

While this doesn’t scream “dirt cheap,” 120hz (super fast) doesn’t come cheap. This is an awesome deal because you’ll be able to play the latest games and watch anything on it and it will look precisely amazing.

8. Wal-Mart – Select Video Games – $10, $15, $25 etc.

Black Friday 2013

This nice deal at Wal-Mart features a bunch of 2012/2013 video game releases at significant price drops. Don’t buy them just because they’re cheap, but if you’re looking for any of these titles, this is the way to go.

9. Wal-Mart – Call of Duty: Ghosts – $40

Black Friday 2013 Video Games

One of the hottest game titles of the season at a discounted rate, Wal-mart is just trying to get you in the door with this one. THis is a blatant loss-leader, pick it up.

10. Unreal PS3 Deal (Just Make Sure The Kids Didn’t Insist on a PS4!) – $200


This is a knock-out for anyone who can do just fine with a PS3 (way better value considering how many more awesome, cheaper games there are!). It includes a 250gb system, Batman Arkham Origins (one of the highest rated games of 2013), and the Last of Us.

Don’t Be This Lady

Woman Pepper Sprays Crowd to Get What She Wants: an Xbox 360

Black Friday Gone Bad! Los Angeles Pepper Spraying!20 People are injured after a woman pepper sprayed her way through Walmart to get herself an X-Box at 1/2 off! She even sprayed kids!2011-11-26T05:36:07.000Z

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