How to Watch the 2014 TED Talks From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Want to watch all of this year’s TED Talks, but don’t have the dough to travel to the conference? Here’s a guide to watching the 2014 TED Talks on your own terms.

Bad news first: TED keeps their events on lockdown. TED says that they keep outside cameras to a minimum:

We take great care in filming TED for TED Talks. It is very rare that we invite outside cameras in, but we are happy to evaluate all requests for conference footage.

We do not admit outside photographers.

We are unable to consider press passes for freelancers without an assignment letter from the outlet for which you wish to report.”

TED is likewise restrictive with their streaming options. You can watch livestreams of TED Talks, but only if you pay for the privilege. You can sign up for TED Live, but it will cost you $600 for one conference.

If you can’t afford to watch the events live, you have a couple of other options. If you don’t mind waiting, you can see the TED Talks for free.

TED Talks are often posted online after the live presentation is over, where they can be watched for free. TED has their own YouTube Channel.

Additionally, you can build your own custom TED DVD for $9.99.

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