WATCH: ‘Hunger Games’ Star Alexander Ludwig in Hilarious Tikr App Video

Alexander Ludwig, best known as Cato in Hunger Games and Bjorn from the TV series Vikings, has brought his signature energy to a hilarious commercial. You can watch Ludwig in the commercial above, which promotes an app called Tikr.

The Tikr promotional video is called “Battle of the Apps.” In the video, a shirtless Alexander Ludwig acts as the personification of the Tikr app, and goes on a crazy rampage. Ludwig attacks a bunch of other people, who are supposed to represent various popular social networking apps.

After Ludwig knocks out his competition (quite literally), a single sentence appears on screen: “There’s a new app in town.”

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Tikr is a social countdown app that lets users know when the next big thing is going to launch. You can get tons of up-to-the-minute info on upcoming movies, products, or tech gadgets. It also has a social community aspect. If you don’t want to miss out on the latest news about stuff that’s on the bleeding edge of cool, this may be an app you want to check out.

You can see Ludwig using his Twitter account to promote Tikr in the embedded tweet above. As USA Today reported back in March, Alexander Ludwig is very much involved with promoting the Tikr app. He’s not a coder, but he does have a hand in the app’s future. As he told USA Today:

“I wanted to develop something that would allow me to monitor all the big events my friends were looking forward to. It’s hard to keep up to date with things happening in our world…I’ll go in and meet with the team and discuss the future of it, how to get more users involved. It’s very similar to what a producer in a film does, except this is with an app. “

At this time, Tikr appears to only be available for iOS devices. It is not clear when or if an Android version of the app will be released.

You can learn more about Tikr on the App Store, or on Tikr’s official site. A blog post from Tikr has additional info about the latest version of the app, and the genesis of the Battle of the Apps spot.

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