Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Accessories

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Samsung’s newest Galaxy S5 variant, the Galaxy S5 Prime, is due to be released in mid-June. If you’re planning on purchasing this premium version of the Galaxy S5, you’re gonna need premium accessories to match. Here are five of the best Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime accessories you can use to enhance your experience.

1. Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Wearable Accessory: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 hands-onFor more information, check out Trying to gain some significant momentum in the wearables market, Samsung has just refreshed its smartwatch line-up with not one, but three new devices. The Galaxy Gear 2 is probably the most prominent of them all, as it seems to be offering a pretty enticing set of features, including…2014-02-25T03:34:16Z

Check out a hands-on look at the Gear 2 in the video above.

Sure, you could get the cheaper Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo…but if you’re buying the S5 Prime, it’s because you like the finer things. Spring for the Galaxy Gear 2. After all, the Gear 2 has one big feature the Gear 2 Neo lacks: an on-board camera.

Buy it here.


  • Longer lasting battery than the previous Gear generation
  • Swappable bands
  • Premium metal body design
  • Clasp is less bulky than previous generation
  • Control TV or set-top box with WatchOn

  • Cons:

  • Costs more than the Gear 2 Neo or Gear Fit
  • Some reviewers found the software a bit glitchy
  • Somewhat limited app options
  • A bit heavier on the wrist than a Gear 2 Neo
  • Ui is a bit busy and complex

  • 2. Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Car Accessory: Samsung Galaxy Universal Suction Car Mount Kit

    Samsung OEM Smartphone Vehicle Dock for Galaxy Note 2 and other Samsung Universal Smart Phone – Click here for more info. The Samsung Universal Vehicle Navigation Mount lets you take the brilliance of your Samsung smartphone along for the ride! The custom fitted cradle holds the handset securely during long rides. Attach it to a windshield or dashboard and adjust the multi-angle neck for perfect viewing. GPS capabilities are…2013-02-23T21:46:46Z

    Get a closer look at this Samsung car kit, designed to fit all kinds of Galaxy phones.

    If you use your Samsung phone to help you navigate the roads near your home, this universal car kit will enable you to view the gorgeous screen, hands-free. This car kit fits all kinds of Samsung Galaxy phones, and the lack of a top cradle gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of what phones will fit in the mount.

    Buy it here.


  • Great for GPS navigation or voice search
  • Fitted cradle offers solid protection
  • Can be mounted on the windshield or dash
  • Adjustable cradle fits a variety of phones
  • Includes a car charger

  • Cons:

  • Not ideal for households where one person owns a larger, phablet-style phone, as it won’t fit the cradle
  • You may need to remove phone from case to get it to fit in the cradle
  • Somewhat more expensive than third party car accessories
  • Some users report included charger charges very slowly
  • Some users wish arm was a bit longer

  • 3. Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Photography Accessory: Mobi-Lens Combo Pack

    MobiLens ReviewPurchase Here: Our Website: Our Twitter: Our Facebook:

    Check out a review of Mobi-Lens in the video above.

    Mobi-Lens is a camera accessory that works on multiple types of smartphones. The clothes pin-inspired design lets you place the lens over your existing camera lens. The combo pack includes both the Wide+Macro and Fisheye Mobi-Lens. If you want to take the S5 Prime’s camera to the next level, this little photography kit is a smart buy.

    Buy it here.


  • Universal design
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple lens types available
  • Comes in four bold colors
  • Clippable design makes it easy to store on the go

  • Cons:

  • Some find the design ugly
  • Can be tricky to get aligned just right with your phone’s camera
  • If you have a thick case on your device, it can impact the look of your image
  • May not feel premium enough for serious photographers
  • Macro lens requires you to be quite close to the subject

  • 4. Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Charger: PowerGen External Battery Pack

    PowerGen PGMPP6000 6000mAh External Battery Pack (w/Imbedded Micro Cable) Unboxing and ReviewI got this from Amazon because free shipping is awesome and I got this for a good price. I added the link for you folks just in case. Rate, comment, and subscribe. This channel will review anything from electronics, fitness,etc. I hope to do some give aways in the near future. Maybe when my…2013-03-30T06:55:10Z

    Want a closer look at this charger accessory? Check out an unboxing video and review of this battery pack above.

    Chances are that you are going to love your premium Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime so much that you’ll never want to let it go. Even with the S5 line’s host of battery saving features, you’re still likely to need a backup power supply.

    Enter the PowerGen battery pack. This particular PowerGen offerings holds a whopping 6000mAh charge. This will allow you to charge your Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, and still have juice left over to charge a friend’s phone. Alternatively, you can use the charger to get multiple top-ups for your phone, and leave your friends out in the cold.

    Buy it here.


  • Works with multiple phones from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, and more
  • Large capacity: 6000mAh
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Embedded Micro-USB (no need for an extra cable)
  • Compliant with international safety standards

  • Cons:

  • PowerGen does have some other battery packs that have even larger capacities
  • Only offers 500 or so recharge cycles over the life of the battery
  • Power Pack only comes with a one-year limited replacement warranty
  • Takes at least 120 minutes to fully recharge
  • Doesn’t come with a dedicated wall plug charger (the USB-to-micro-USB cable can be plugged in to a computer to charge)

  • 5. Best Samsung Bluetooth Headset: Samsung HM1300 Bluetooth Headset

    VideoVideo related to top 5 best samsung galaxy s5 prime accessories2014-06-03T12:14:02-04:00

    The video above acts as a basic user’s guide for the Samsung HM1300 headset.

    This Samsung headset offers 8 hours of talk time. Additionally, this headset also offers up to 300 hours of standby time. It boasts an attractive design, and three interchangeable ear tips to personalize your fit. If you’re looking for a Samsung-made Bluetooth headset that won’t break the bank, this is a great choice.

    Buy it here.


  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Available in six fun colors to suit your personality
  • Uses multipoint technology (you can pair with multiple devices)
  • Lightweight
  • Comes from a reliable manufacturer

  • Cons:

  • No noise reduction features
  • No voice commands
  • Calls sometimes sound echo-y, according to some user reviews
  • Some user reviews complain audio is too quiet
  • Ear piece holder appears to be likely to break over time

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