WATCH: LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live

LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live – Quick ComparisonLG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live – Quick Comparison Android Wear comparison – Moto 360 coming soon. Subscribe for my LG G Watch Review: Follow me on Twitter: Today we're comparing the LG G Watch to the Samsung Gear Live. How do these Android Wear smartwatches compare the Moto 360 and upcoming…2014-06-30T13:05:58Z

In the market for an Android Wear smartwatch? Check out the video above to see how the LG G Watch stacks up against the Samsung Gear Live.

If you want more info about these watches, you can check out our articles on both the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. The upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch also runs on Android Wear, a new version of Android that is designed for wearables. Some of the features of Android Wear include weather notifications, messages, and food ordering. Most Android Wear apps do require you to have your Android phone nearby, however.

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Both of these watches cost roughly the same. You can buy a Samsung Gear Live for about $200, or grab the LG G Watch for about $220.

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