What’s the Best iPhone 5 Case?



The iPhone 5 may be an older device, but it’s still going strong. The iPhone 5 was the most popular iPhone on the market prior to the debut of the iPhone 6, and it was recently revealed that the iPhone 5 is still the most popular smartphone camera used to take images that get uploaded to Flickr. If you’re still happy with your iPhone 5, then you should keep your device in a protective case to keep it from getting scratched or cracked. One of the best things about owning an older device is that case makers have had more time to get different cases for the device to market. In other words, the older your phone, the more diverse your case options are likely to be. If you’re in the market, check out one of these great cases for the iPhone 5. Do note that many of these cases may also fit the iPhone 5s, or come in variants specific to the 5s.

1. Best All-Around iPhone 5 Case: OtterBox Commuter Series

Check out an unboxing and review of this case in the video above.

If you’re looking for a basic case that provides excellent drop protection, the OtterBox Commuter series case is a solid choice. It has a dual-layer design, with a hard outer case that wraps around a shock-absorbent inner core. The case is easy to hold on to, and will give you great peace of mind. The button covers may be a little stiff at first, but they will soften up over time.

Like this case, but wish it could hold a little cash? You might want the Commuter Wallet case instead.

Price: $15.50

Buy it here.

  • Slim design
  • Easy to grip
  • Durable
  • Port covers protect against dust
  • Trusted brand

  • Not waterproof
  • No added battery life
  • Color options are somewhat limited, since this is an older model case
  • Some users find the port covers a bit annoying when charging a device
  • Withstands drops, but does not meet military drop test standards

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2. Best iPhone 5 Battery Case: Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 & 5S

Get a closer look at this great case in the video review above.

One major disadvantage the iPhone line has is relatively small batteries, at least when compared to similar Android phones. As the phone ages, your battery life may decrease as well. That’s why a battery case like the one made by Mophie is such a crucial accessory for older devices. This case has a rechargeable 1500mAh lithium ion battery. It essentially boosts your battery by about 80 percent, which is great for people who find it hard to be near a charger during the day.

Price: $34.95 for select styles (56 percent off)

Buy it here.

  • LED indicators tell you how much power is left
  • Thinner than many other battery cases
  • Extends iPhone 5 battery by five or seven hours, depending on what you use the phone to do
  • Easy access to ports and controls
  • Curved, soft design feels nice in your hand

  • LED indicators aren’t very precise
  • Thin design means somewhat small backup battery
  • Enhanced, forward-ported acoustics
  • Only under warranty for a year
  • Not waterproof

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3. Best Waterproof iPhone 5 Case: Griffin Survivor Waterproof + Catalyst for iPhone 5

There are a lot of waterproof cases out there: LifeProof, Otterbox, and Incipio all make waterproof cases for the iPhone 5. But one of the least expensive and most trusted cases out there is the Griffin Survivor Waterproof. The case is a sort of “co-production” between Griffin and Catalyst Lifestyle, a brand created by adventure enthusiasts Josh Wright and June Lai. There are a lot of nice touches here, including cool color options and a built-in lanyard so you can keep a grip on this case, even with wet hands.

Price: $18.99 (76 percent off)

Buy it here.

  • Easy to find at a deeply discounted price
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Waterproof to 9.8 feet
  • Added protection on the corners
  • Comes with a handy strap for underwater use

  • Doesn’t float
  • Clear design may not appeal to all
  • Not ideal for deep dives
  • May lack the brand cache of a LifeProof case
  • Lacks LifeProof’s robust line of accessories for their waterproof cases

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4. Best iPhone 5 Wallet Case: Incipio Stashback

Learn more about the features of this handy wallet case in the video above.

A wallet case is a great way to keep your cards, cash, or business cards close at hand, even when you go someplace without your primary wallet. The Stashback has a simple design that is easy to open when you need to access your cards, but stays securely shut when you want to keep your cards tucked away. One caveat: some users have reported that they occasionally have issues with the flash when taking pictures with the phone in this case.

Price: $13.49 and up, depending on color selected (66 percent off)

Buy it here.

  • Lots of color options
  • Wallet opening isn’t particularly obvious at first glance
  • Shock-absorbing silicone core
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good balance of slim profile and rugged construction

  • Tends to scratch easily
  • Some users may prefer a slide-style or exposed-style wallet case instead
  • Somewhat limited storage
  • Not waterproof
  • Does not positively impact battery life

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5. The Best Cool iPhone 5 Case: Speck Products FabShell Fabric-Covered Case



Looking for a unique case? Speck makes a line of cool fabric-covered cases that allow you to express your personality. In addition to the options featured above, this line includes plaid cases, and some cases that look almost like a knit sweater. If you want a case that doesn’t look like what everyone else is using, this is a solid option.

Price: $15 and up, depending on style selected (50 percent off)

Buy it here.

  • Lots of styles to choose from
  • Feels good in your hand
  • Reinforced sides
  • Raised design protects screen
  • Unique texture and look

  • Can be tricky to clean
  • More prone to staining that silicone cases
  • Some controls are covered, but not others
  • Not all patterns may appeal to all users
  • Lacks waterproofing or truly rugged support

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