Apple News & Rumors, Feb. 29: iOS 10, new iPhone, iCloud

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Apple rumors and news for February 29 include details on iOS 10, iCloud encryption, and the iPhone mini.

The Apple news and rumors for February 29 include concept videos and rumors about the highly anticipated iOS 10 (including its release date) and more information on the new iPhone mini and when it will be released. The news also includes rumors about enhanced iCloud security that could spell nightmares for customer service.

Here’s what you need to know.

iOS 10 Might Enhance 3D Touch Options

iOS 10 Concept – Advanced Control CenterA concept to show how Control Center in iOS can be improved to allow for greater customisation of hardware toggles and app shortcuts. Other improvements also include the integration of 3D Touch for extra options and a new system-wide dark mode. Find out more on my website: Created using Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Adobe After…2016-02-26T18:00:11Z

There’s not a lot of information out there yet about iOS 10. However, if Apple follows its actions in the past, the new iOS will likely be announced at the worldwide developers conference in the summer, followed by a fall release date, MacRumors reported. One thing that many people are hoping for is an enhanced control center that allows for customizable widgets and better 3D Touch integration. The above video shares one person’s concept of how this could look, and it’s getting a lot of accolades from other Apple fans.

iPhone Mini May Be Released on March 21

The new 4-inch iPhone, dubbed by many as simply the “iPhone mini” since no one knows what its real name will actually be, could be unveiled on March 21, The Daily Mail reported. The iPhone, along with a new iPad, will be presented during a big Apple event in March. This may be scheduled for one day before Apple’s big March 22 hearing with the FBI.

Hacking the iPhone Could Take Up to a Month

Apple released a motion in its ongoing battle with the FBI that explained it could take up to a month to create a way to hack the iPhone, CBS News reported. The FBI’s request would require creating an entirely new OS that would need a team of engineers, a quality assurance engineer, a project manager, and a tool writer or a document writer. Apple is still fighting the FBI’s demands.

Enhanced iCloud Security Could be a Nightmare for Customer Service

Because of its ongoing battle with the FBI, Apple might be changing encryption and security features for the iCloud, The Atlantic reported. One change would make user’s iCloud information inaccessible even to employees. Unfortunately, this might also mean that if you lose your iCloud password, your access is gone forever.

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