LIVE STREAM: Google’s Press Event

At 9:00 a.m. October 4th, Google will be livestreaming their press event in San Francisco. The video description also includes a link to this site, telling users to “get in the know.” The site is an advertisement for the October 4th event, and includes an email signup link for those who want to be notified of Google’s news.

The video is available at the same link, found above, as the livestream. However, there is a decent amount of time before the recording actually kicks in. Starting the video at 25:36 will fix this.

Thanks to the site featuring a phone-shaped outline and the URL including the words “Made by Google,” many have already assumed the event will include the launch of Google’s new Pixel phone line. The phones will take over where Google left off after they discontinued the Nexus name, but the Pixel line will be Google branded rather than bearing Samsung, LG, HTC or Huawei’s names (as the Nexus line did).

In addition, Google will likely fill the world in on their new Assistant software, their Google Home voice-activated home assistant speakers (an answer to Amazon’s Echo speakers), a new 4K Chromecast, and their Daydream Virtual Reality headset.

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