New MacBook Pro vs Microsoft Surface Book 2: How Do They Compare?

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro line at a press event on October 27, the day after Microsoft unveiled its new Surface Book. How do the two compare? See for yourself below.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

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How does the Surface Book compare to the new MacBook Pro? (Microsoft)

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Size: With Performance Base: 12.30” x 9.14” x 0.59 – 0.90” Detached From Base: 12.30” x 9.14” x 0.51 – 0.90”

Weight: 3.34 – 3.48lbs

Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB SSD

Resolution: 3000 x 2000 (267 PPI)

Display: 13.5″ PixelSense display, 10-point touch

Chipset: 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7

RAM: 8GB or 16GB

Graphics: Intel HD graphics or NVIDIA GeForce graphics

Battery: Up to 12 hours of video playback

Ports: Two USB 3.0, Full-size SD card reader,
Surface Connect, Headset jack, Mini DisplayPort

Wireless: 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking; IEEE, 802.11a/b/g/n compatible, Bluetooth 4.0

Other Features: 5.0 megapixel front-facing camera, 8.0 megapixel rear-facing camera with autofocus, Dual Microphones, front and rear facing, Front-facing stereo speakers with Dolby Audio Premium Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer

Colors: Silver

Cost: $1,349 to $3,199

MacBook Pro 2016

OS: MacOS (Sierra)

Size: 13-inch verison: 0.59″ x 11.97″ x 8.36″ 15-inch version: 0.61″ x 13.75″ x 9.48″

Weight: 13-inch: 3.02lbs, 15-inch: 4.02lbs

Storage: Up to 2TB SSD, 256GB SSD in lower-end version

Resolution: 2560 x 600 native resolution

Display: 13- or 15-inch Retina display

Chipset: 6th Gen quad-core Intel i5 or i7, 6th Gen dual-core Intel i5 in lower-end version

RAM: 8GB or 16GB

Graphics: Intel Iris graphics or AMD Polaris Radeon Pro

Battery: Up to 10 hours

Ports: Four Thunderbolt 3 ports, two in the lower-end version (any can be used for charging, Thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort, VGA or HDMI)

Wireless: 802.11ac Wi-Fi networking, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible, Bluetooth 4.0

Other Features: Advanced thermal architecture, all-new speaker design, Touch Bar (Touch Bar not available in lower-end version)

Colors: Silver and Space Grey

Cost: The 13-inch lower-end version will start at $1,499, the 13-inch will start at $1,799 and the 15-inch will start at $2,399.

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