Will the iOS 11.1 Beta Fix Your Battery Life?

The recent iOS 11.0.2 update was underwhelming when it came to fixing the battery life issues that iPhone owners were already experiencing after upgrading to the new OS. The public beta of iOS 11.1 will allow you to download some cool new emojis and is currently only a test, people are still hoping that signing up for the beta will help your battery live a little longer.

Some new emoji that will be coming with iOS 11.1

Some new animals are included in the new set of emojis.

Chances are, signing up for the iOS 11.1 beta won’t fix your battery life. These tests are usually worse on batteries because they’re not optimized for the devices yet and they’re looking for bugs in the system while a relatively small amount of people have the new operating system.

On the bright side, if you sign up for the new update, you’ll get access to some really cool emoji and maybe have some current bugs you’re experiencing go away.

To sign up for the beta, go here and use your Apple ID to create a new beta account. If you have a previous beta account, you can skip that step.

Before you download the iOS update, be sure you back up your phone. This will allow you to restore your phone to the older operating system if for some reason the beta breaks your phone. Be aware that Apple’s terms and services for beta testing include stipulations about the iOS bricking your phone or corrupting your data, and you’re agreeing to that once you download the update.

Forbes reports that you can jump off the beta train by deleting your beta profile. If you’re going to do that, make sure you have a backup available in case anything goes wrong.

If you want to improve your battery life without downgrading or testing the new beta, see Heavy’s guide here.

For iOS 11.0.2, there have been complaints that certain apps aren’t working well with the update, but that could be an issue with the app itself and not the new iOS. Some problems were also fixed. For some iPhone 8 and 8 Plus owners, the speakers were previously omitting crackling sounds during calls. That issue should be fixed with the new update.

This update came on the heels of a watchOS update that was also supposed to fix issues with an operating system. Read about the watchOS update from Heavy here:

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