10 Best Muscle Roller Sticks: Your Buyer’s Guide (2018)

A muscle roller stick, sometimes called a muscle roller or massage stick, can help alleviate knots and muscle fatigue after a workout. You can also use the hand-held tool prior to a workout to improve flexibility and mobility. There are lots of massage tools on the market, but the best muscle roller stick for you may depend on your body type, desired use and budget. There isn’t a huge variation between products available on the market today, but it’s important to keep some considerations in mind when shopping for the best muscle roller stick for you.

What Are the Best Muscle Roller Sticks Available in 2018?

best muscle roller stick Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Increases circulation before workouts
  • Lowers post-workout lactic acid
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best muscle roller stick Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Useful for massage therapy
  • Increases circulation
  • Portable
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leg roller stick Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Relieves IT band tension
  • Targets sore muscles
  • Can help prevent cramps
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muscle roller stick Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact design
  • Can be used on lower legs and back
  • Ideal for massage therapy
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best muscle roller stick Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Durable stainless steel core
  • Compact 18 inches
  • Smooth rollers
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muscle roller sticks Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Targets pressure points
  • Spiked nodules for deep tissue massage
  • Useful for some running injuries
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best muscle roller sticks Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Durable foam material
  • Can be used on large muscle groups
  • Can be used seated or standing
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muscle roller stick Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Therapeutic relief
  • Optimal size for back and legs
  • For shallow and deep tissue massage
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best muscle roller stick Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact size
  • Reduces lactic acid build-up
  • Reinforced plastic gears
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best muscle roller stick Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comfortable handles
  • Pinch-free roller grooves
  • Stimulates muscle recovery
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. Original Body Stick By The Stick

    • Comes in several variations
    • Durable construction
    • Ideal for runners and other athletes
    • A few wish it was equally as effective on other body parts, not just the legs
    • Some wish it was cheaper
    • Longer versions can be tough to transport

    While the original Body Stick remains the most popular choice for many consumers, a number of variations are available. For example, the Body Stick caters to those with an average build up to 5’10” and who are flexible enough to comfortably use the tool on major muscle groups. If you’re taller than 5’10” or you need more flexibility, consider the Big Stick.

    The Power Stick is the second longest available Stick. It’s also for those 5’10” and over or who require more flexibility. Stiff Stick caters to athletes seeking a deep massage. The Hybrid Stick helps tackle hard places such as the behind the neck and knees. Flex Stick is a long, flexible stick intended for use by anyone over 5’10” or who needs more flexibility. This model is ideal for light massages.

    Sprinter Stick is short and firm, making it a practical choice for leg use. This Stick can be used for light to deep massages. Marathon Stick is short and flexible. It’s ideal for using on the legs, particularly the calves, and caters to those seeking lighter massages. Travel Stick is a short 17 inches long and flexible.


  2. Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager

    • Continuous surface is easy to clean
    • Eliminates potentially painful pinching found on rollers with gaps
    • Ideal for deep massages
    • A handful complain that parts can periodically get caught on clothing during use
    • Stiffer construction may make it tougher to use in areas such as upper arms and back
    • A few mention it doesn’t include a guide or instructions

    The Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager stands out for its sturdy center, which features one continuous piece rather than the separate plastic spindles found on The Stick rollers and others. Benefits of this setup include increased comfort, as there is no pinching between the gaps of multiple plastic pieces, and a surface that can be easier to clean. At 22 inches long the roller is portable enough to travel between the gym and home with ease. This massage stick is designed for deeper massages and can help to circulate blood and oxygen for pain relief and faster recovery.


  3. Elite Muscle Roller Stick

    • Ideal for self-myofascial release
    • Optimally shaped with legs
    • Ergonomic handles prevent hand soreness and fatigue
    • Only comes in one size
    • A handful of users note it can pull on hair
    • Some find it painful on areas of the body with less cushioning

    This muscle roller stick is designed to increase blood flow while reducing knots and tension. In addition to self-myofascial release, it’s also ideal for reducing tightness and soreness after a workout. At 18 inches long, the roller is optimally shaped for use on the legs. Ergonomic handles make it easier to grip the roller during use. Instead of a printed guide, users are encouraged to check out the online videos on the manufacturer’s website to learn how to use the muscle roller stick.


  4. Idson Muscle Roller Stick

    • Caters to athletes
    • Durable steel rod core
    • Easy to transport
    • Some say it’s a bit noisy
    • Wheels can get stuck if not used on bare skin
    • Could be more flexible

    As its name suggests, this muscle roller caters to athletes. Features include ergonomic handles make with polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber along with nine independent rollers. The rollers are backed by a steel rod core for added durability and a deeper massage. At 18.5 inches long, the roller is easy to carry from one place to the next. It’s ideal for use on the shoulders, neck, calves, back, glutes, and hamstrings.


  5. The Muscle Stick Original Massage Roller

    • Available in a variety of colors
    • Handles are designed to reduce fatigue
    • Zero-flex construction for optimal pressure
    • Not available in a larger size
    • Rollers may pinch hair
    • Some wish it was more flexible

    The Muscle Stick Original Massage Roller comes in a wide range of colors and caters to everyone from beginners to elite athletes. Highlights include a solid stainless steel core and zero-flex construction for optimal pressure. You can use the stick before or after a workout to increase blood flow and reduce tension and knots. The handles are easy to grip and are designed to reduce fatigue on the hands.


  6. Gaiam Pressure Point Massager

    • Three textured massagers designed to target pressure points
    • Ideal for use before or after a workout
    • Comes with a downloadable massage guide
    • A few wish the spikes were softer
    • May be a bit too short for taller or less flexible users
    • Some find it can leave bruises if too much force is used

    Instead of numerous plastic spindles paired together, this tool features three textured massagers designed to target pressure points. You can use this massager before or after a workout to increase circulation and reduce muscle soreness. It’s also ideal for relieving strains and other sports injuries. Comfort grip handles keep hands from getting sore and fatigued during use. A downloadable massage guide is included to help you get started. This tool is 16.5 inches long.


  7. TriggerPoint GRID STK Handheld Foam Roller

    • Features same design as TriggerPoint foam rollers
    • Three-dimensional surface channels enhance mobility
    • Handles pressure similar to a massage therapist’s thumb
    • Only comes in one size
    • Some wish the knobs were softer
    • Can be tricky to use in hard-to-reach places such as the back

    This stick massager features the same surface design as the TriggerPoint GRID foam rollers. Each handle is specifically designed to provide relief and pressure similar to a massage therapist’s thumb. Three-dimensional channels along the surface enhance blood and oxygen flow for increased mobility. The roller measures 21 inches long and under 2.5 inches around. You can also use it seated or standing.


  8. FWY Muscle Roller Massage Stick

    • Rubber grips are easy on the hands
    • Ergonomic shape works for shallow and deep tissue massages
    • Longer length makes it easier to reach the back and other tough places
    • A few mention it’s more effective when used against clothing rather than bare skin
    • Some wish the spikes were softer
    • Doesn’t come in a smaller size

    At 23 inches long, this muscle roller stick is a solid choice if you’re looking for a greater surface area. With the extra length you can reach your back and other difficult places. The center is plastic with rubberized hand grips that rotate independently. It’s ideal for runners and athletes as well as for preventative therapy and relaxation. The stick is made with durable non-toxic materials. An ergonomic shape makes the tool useful for both shallow and deep tissue massages. Ergonomically designed rubber grips promote stability and ease of use.


  9. PharMeDoc Muscle Roller Massage Stick

    • Ideal for myofascial release
    • Targets pressure points
    • Easily portable
    • Some complain of an initial plastic smell
    • Handles can loosen and come off
    • Hair can get caught in rollers

    Independent spinning gears dig deeper into muscles and trigger points to relieve tightness and soreness. This muscle roller massage stick works just as well for boosting recovery after a workout as it does for injury prevention and increasing mobility. Whether your workout of choice is yoga, running or a home gym session, you can use the muscle roller stick to target and relieve troublesome areas. The 18-inch roller is compact enough to be carried around, yet long enough to effectively work over larger muscle groups.

  10. SKLZ Muscle Roller

    • Mountain bike-inspired handles
    • Improves blood flow before a workout
    • Can boost muscle recovery after a workout
    • Some wish it was larger for the back
    • New users may find the plastic rollers too hard
    • Can be tough to use on tricky places such as back and neck

    The amount of pressure you apply can make the difference between a subpar massage session and one that's highly effective. Not all massage bars are comfortable enough to apply full pressure for the duration of the session, but the SKLZ Muscle Roller has handles similar to those on a mountain bike. The result is handles that are more comfortable and user-friendly. The roller grooves are also designed to minimize skin contact and pulling. Use this muscle roller stick before a workout to improve blood flow, or after you're done to boost muscle recovery. Grooves along the stick provide deep tissue manipulation to stimulate muscle recovery.

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