50 Best Toys for 7 Year Old Boys in 2018: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

best toys for 7 year olds

They say that keeping your kids’ imagination healthy is the best way to help them explore the world around them. Young boys, right around the age of 7, are a tough crowd to please in this regard. They are active, always discovering new things, and generally curious about everything. It’s this period of their life where you can spike an interest in a young boy’s mind, which may follow them as they grow up. One of the easiest ways to do that is using toys.

Finding the best toys for 7-year-olds that are guaranteed to keep your young one’s imagination growing is tough. Whether they like to play indoors or outside, it’s important to have toys that you can bring along on vacations. Since every kid is different in their own way, the list you’re about to go through includes a variety of different toys.

From simple to complex, those meant to keep your kid entertained to those which will challenge their young minds. The toys we chose are a perfect pick for any 7-year-old. With that said, here are the top 50 best gift ideas and toys for 7 year old boys:

1. Ausini Construction Yellow Truck with Action Figures

best toys for 7 year old boys

Almost every little boy out there has some kind of car or truck toy they play with. Instead of just giving them an already assembled one, why not let them build the truck themselves? The Ausini Construction Yellow Truck with Action Figures is a great way to help your kid develop his fine motor skills and learn how to build things. There are two reasons why this Ausini truck is great.

When our 7-year-old finally finishes the build, he will feel great for getting the job done right. Afterward, playing with the truck will offer for hours of fun on its own. There are 84 pieces in this kit, but the level of difficulty is something kids 7 or even younger can easily take on.

As always, it’s important to use this toy with supervision, as smaller pieces from the kit are a potential choking hazard. The best thing about the Ausini Construction Yellow Truck is just how affordable it is. If you’re on a budget, this is a great choice for a gift.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Ausini Construction Yellow Truck here.

2. LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder (75074)

Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder

Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises to ever hit the silver screen. It has captured the imagination of young boys for over three decades now, inspiring them and teaching them values. If you know or are a parent of a young boy who’s a fan of Star Wars, then LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder is something you should check out. This very affordable model from the LEGO Star Wars lineup is simple, fun to build, and even comes with two flick missiles.

The kit consists of 97 pieces, including the pilot action figure. Since it belongs to a much larger set, you can gradually expand the battlefield with TIE fighters, legendary X-Wings, and more. This Snowspeeder kit shows us once again that you just can’t go wrong with LEGOs.

Speaking of LEGOs, it’s obvious that these kits are a choking hazard, so keep that in mind when you let your boy fight the Empire.

Check out more of the best LEGO Star Wars sets here.

Price: $13.89

Buy the Lego Star Wars Snowspeeder here.

3. Perfect Life Ideas Catapult

perfect life ideas catapult toy

Catapults are always fun, that is just the way it is. This small model from Perfect Life Ideas is a great way for your kids to explore the world of physics in a safe and fun way. The toy is very easy to set up, requires no power and is something you can take with you on vacation. The base of the catapult features three suction cups, allowing you to secure the catapult to any smooth surface in your home.

On its own, this catapult is a lot of fun, but things get even better when you add other toys into the mix. Balls that come in the package are made of foam, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking things in your house.

There is some assembly necessary to get the catapult going, but that’s a few minutes worth of work at most. If you are looking for an affordable way to have fun with the whole family, this is it.

Price: $14.97

Buy the Perfect Life Ideas Catapult here.

4. Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Building Set

Laser Pegs Monster Truck

While nothing can beat real LEGOs, there are similar sets out there which offer something original from time to time. The Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Building Set stands out due to its low price, unique idea, and just how easy it is to work with. This truck kit comes with 66 see-thru pieces, along with one block that contains a LED light.

The blocks come in different colors, which create a pretty awesome display once everything is put together and the light is turned on. If your little ones love building things, this set is bound to give them hours of fun.

Since there is a light component, the necessary batteries are supplied in the package. One of the best things about the Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Building Set is its price. You can get this cool kit for less than $15, which is a bargain, to say the least.

Price: $14.49

Buy the Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Building Set here.

5. Modarri Haul ‘Em Car Transporter

best toys for 7 year olds

When it comes to building kits for young boys, nothing beats a good truck. In this case, you get that and so much more. The Modarri Haul ‘Em Car Transporter features a complete truck with a car loading trailer and three cars. Everything in this kit needs to be assembled, which is the best part. Each car can be made using different parts, so your kid has a wide range of design options to choose from. The truck comes with working steering as well as suspension.

The play time value of this kit is just through the roof. We are talking tens of hours at the very least. If you’re worried about the Modarri Haul ‘Em Car Transporter being too difficult to assemble for your kid, don’t be.

The kit arrives with the manual which is easy to follow, while the building parts are pretty simple in nature. Overall, it’s an awesome value for the money deal that your kids can play with anywhere, anytime.

Price: $79.99

Buy the Modarri Haul ‘Em Car Transporter here.

6. Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

play-doh touch shape to life

One of the hottest new toys 2017 has to offer is the Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio, which allows your kids to their creations to life in an app.

We’ve seen so many different types of toys to life attempts, but this one is the best yet. Your 7 year old will be able to create their own monsters or characters, and scan them into an app via a smartphone or tablet. It works with both iOS and Android, and it comes with 8 cups of Play-Doh.

Price: $12.49 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio here.

7. Transformers Alternators – Jeep Wrangler

transformer toys

Ever since Transformers came back into the mainstream, boys all around the world became fascinated with these awesome heroes. Just like generations before them, kids today have a variety of Transformer’s toys to choose from. The only difference is, the modern ones are so much cooler. Transformers Alternators – Jeep Wrangler is a very detailed transformer which is easy to work with and looks amazing.

Materials they have used are decent, to say the least, so you don’t have to worry about this model breaking on you. Going from Jeep shape to Hound is easy, and requires little effort. With all of the limbs functional, your boy will spend hours of fun reenacting his own Transformers adventures.

The cool thing about the Transformers Alternators – Jeep Wrangler is that it is perfectly functional in both of its available forms. In other words, it is great as a toy car as well. Hound is just one of the available models, meaning that you can keep building the collection piece by piece.

Price: $94.99

Buy the Transformers Alternators Jeep Wrangler here.

8. Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster

nerf vortex

Toy guns have been the cornerstone of every boy’s play set for decades. The one we want to show you today is a great alternative and addition to the already familiar Nerf guns. The Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster features a great design and fires small plastic discs up to 25 feet. It’s brightly colored, making it look cool and completely safe for outdoor use.

This blaster is pump-action operated, meaning that absolutely no batteries are required. You have a removable stock, a fully functioning rail on the upper receiver which allows you to attach various accessories.

The kit arrives with a 10-disc magazine as well as ten plastic discs. Since there’s a variety of smaller parts in this blaster pack, keep in mind that some of them are a potential choking hazard. While it’s not the cheapest blaster on the market, the Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster is definitely one of the best nerf guns you can get at the moment.

Price: $79.99

Buy the Nerf Vortex Praxis Blaster here.

9. K’NEX Model Building Set (1241835)

Knex Model Building set

If your kid loves to build stuff and is maybe bored with the standard LEGOs, something like this K’NEX 1241835 Model Building Set is a perfect next step. Containing some 480 pieces, it’s by far one of the largest building sets you can get at the moment. Not only that, but the nature of the parts contained in the kit allows you to build a variety of different designs.

The manual which comes with the set covers 35 models alone, but that’s definitely not the full extent of the fun you can have with this K’NEX package.

If you want to give your kid something that will challenge them and allow their creativity to grow, this is a perfect gift. Best thing of all, the price is impressively affordable. In terms of bang for the buck value, you will be hard pressed to find another building set that comes even close.

Price: $17.49

Buy the K’Nex Model Building Set here.

10. LEGO Superheroes Batman: Man-Bat Attacks (76011)

cool lego toys dc super heroes

There’s rarely a better way for kids to enjoy their favorite superheroes than by turning to LEGO. This company has always offered specialized kits dedicated to a variety of superhero franchises throughout the years. This time, we are talking about the Batman: Man-Bat attacks. The kit includes some 184 pieces as well as three mini action figures – you have Batman, Man-Bat, and Nightwing.

Each of these comes with their own variety of weapons and gear. The centerpiece of the whole set is the Batcopter fitted with two flick missiles, a working winch and the hook. Even though this set definitely isn’t the most basic one offered by LEGO, it’s not that hard to put together for a 7-year-old boy.

The best thing about the kit is its price. This is one of the cheapest LEGO kits you can get, which features more than one mini action figure. It’s a bargain, to say the least, which is why we think it’s one of the best toys for 7-year-old boys in 2017.

Price: $28.71

Buy the LEGO Batman: Man-Bat Attacks here.

11. PlayMaty Magnetic Building Blocks

magnetic building toys

Here’s a pretty unusual, yet very creative toy set that is guaranteed to spike the creativity in your kids. PlayMaty Magnetic Building Blocks consists of 306 building pieces in total. The trick is that you get 66 steel balls nad some 240 magnetic rods. The colors of these pieces are pretty diverse, which makes whatever you’ve built look cool. The principle behind this kit is fairly simple.

Use the steel balls as joints and magnetized rods as support. The number of awesome designs you can make is quite impressive. If your kid likes to build different things, PlayMaty Magnetic Building Blocks will give them hours of fun.

On top of that, it’s a great learning tool that will teach the young ones about support, basic physics and more. Since the balls are pretty small, we suggest parental advisory during use. Check out more of the best building toys for kids here.

Price: $45.99

Buy the PlayMaty Magnetic Building Blocks here.

12. Ausini City Super Tractor Trailer with Action Figures

toy trucks for kids

We have already shown you one of Ausini’s more basic building sets. This time around, we have a much more elaborate kit we want to introduce you to. The Ausini City Super Tractor Trailer features 650 building blocks and comes with several action figures as well. As you have probably noticed, the truck and trailer will take some time and effort to put together.

With 650 pieces, a manual is definitely worth checking out. On the other hand, once the build is complete, the truck looks and feels pretty awesome. You can build the kit with your kid, or you can let them figure it out on their own.

Either way, they are bound to have a lot of fun with this one. Another great thing about Ausini in general are their prices. Considering the amount of blocks you get, and what the end product looks like, this set is a bonafide bargain.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Ausini City Super Tractor Trailer with Action Figures here.

13. LEGO Creator Twinblade Adventures (31020)

best lego toys

We’ve talked about several LEGO sets so far, but the Twinblade Adventures stands out for a number of reasons. This kit comes with 216 pieces, which allow you to put together at least three different types of aircraft. The manual will show you how to build an Osprey-like twin blade airplane, a helicopter and finally a biplane. each of these will have turning engines, fully functional rotor blades and so much more.

The twin-blade aircraft features actual tiltrotor design, meaning that you can change the angle of the engines just like on the real thing.

With that said, there’s some room to try and build your own type of aircraft, only increasing the fun factor of this kit. It’s a very detailed LEGO set for any kid who loves aircraft and building them at home. The kit is one of the cheapest in LEGO’s Creator lineup, making it a great gift choice.

Price: $20.08

Buy the LEGO Creator Twinblade Adventures here.

14. Mega Bloks Construction Unit Mission

best toys for 7 year old boys

LEGO which we just mentioned is the ultimate king of building blocks. However, their kits are often times pretty expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable LEGO alternative, something like this Construction Unit Mission set will come in pretty handy.

The kit features 218 pieces necessary to build the truck and the front loader. You also get two mini figures, as well as a whole array of accessories for the construction site. Considering how affordable Construction Unit Mission is, the value it offers is impressive.

If your boy loves machinery, he will fall in love with the construction set like this one. Lower price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality either. Every piece is made of decent materials, including the figures themselves.

Overall, Construction Unit Mission is one of the best construction themed building sets on the market. Just be aware that some really small pieces, such as the rubble for the front loader, are a choking hazard.

Price: $16.95

Buy the Construction Unit Mission here.

15. Discovery Toys MARBLEWORKS

marble racer

Some toys are built for pure entertainment, but others have more than just one function. Marbleworks by Discovery Toys is one of the best educational toys you can find at the moment. The set contains an array of tubes, chutes, and ramps which you can arrange any way you want. Once you’re done building the design you had in mind, you can launch up to 6 marbles using the dedicated launcher piece.

Using Marbleworks, kids can explore how gravity works, learn about momentum and more. Everything is made of High Impact Polystyrene – a material that offers decent durability while remaining lightweight.

Be careful not to lose the marbles you get with the set as the diameter of the tubes is such that your regular glass marbles probably won’t fit. In terms of playtime value, this kit offers infinite combinations and will keep your kids entertained for weeks at the very least.

Price: $84.99

Buy the Discovery Toys Marbleworks here.

16. IKOS Multi-Color Rainbow Spherical Building Blocks

ikos rainbow

Building sets are made by a large number of toy manufacturers out there. However, almost all of them are more or less the same. IKOS offers a completely different angle on the idea of building blocks with their spherical pieces. Your kids can find out what kind of shapes they can build using pretty unusual pieces, which forces them to think outside of the box. There are 26 pieces in different, vibrant colors, available.

If you don’t want the rainbow kit, you can get a red/white kit which features only these two colors. The whole package is very lightweight and compact, making a perfect toy to bring with you on vacation.

Pieces in the kit are made of pretty sturdy plastics and will last a long time even if you drop them or step on them. The best thing about the IKOS Multi-Color Rainbow Spherical Building Blocks is the low price.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Rainbow Spherical Building Blocks here.

17. LEGO Stormer 3.0

toys for 7 year old boys lego

LEGO sets are usually associated with whole scenes, but there are those which form a relatively large action figures. The LEGO Stormer 3.0 is one such kit, and it is just amazing. There are 31 pieces in total to work with, while the process of assembling the Stormer isn’t difficult at all. Once you’re done, you will have a 6.5 inches tall figure of a mighty warrior.

The level of detail is pretty amazing. Along with the Rhino fist, you get two more weapons. There’s the wrist shooter and twin blades which can be folded for easier storage. Stormer 3.0 is just one of the models in LEGO’s Hero Factory series, and the best thing is that you can combine parts from different characters if you wish to.

This model alone will provide your kids with hours of fun, but combined with other models from the lineup, its fun factor increases even further. The Lego Stormer is one of the best cool toys for boys.

Price: $54.99

Buy the LEGO Stormer 3.0 here.

18. Greenery T-62 Battle Tank Kit

tank toys for kids

If you’re a parent to a young boy, chances are he loves tanks. Tank building kits can be pretty expensive, but there’s a great alternative made by Greenery. It’s their T-62 model, which comes with unbelievable 372 pieces and three action figures as well. While half of the fun is putting this thing together, the other half comes from exploring the functionality of the finished model.

Not only does it come with fully functioning tracks, wheels, and turret, but every hatch works as well. The level of detail Greenery incorporated with this kit is just impressive. This is especially true if you consider the price of this set. If you’re a fan of LEGOs, you’ll be glad to know that Greenery’s T-62 battle tank kit is fully compatible with LEGO blocks.

Imagine all the possibilities for upgrades and modifications? Let your kid explore the edges of his imagination, and become a tank commander in the comfort of his own room.

Price: $20.81

Buy the Greenery T-62 Battle Tank Kit here.

19. Need for Speed McLaren MP4-12C

cool toys for 7 year olds

Accurate car building block sets are pretty rare. Most toy makers either get you pre-built models, or kits which end up just resembling a car. The Need for Speed McLaren MP4-12C by Mega Blocks offers something completely different. This is a 70 piece building set which ends up looking exactly like the McLaren MP4-12C. Aside from the necessary pieces for the car itself, you also get several alternatives for the spoilers and other details on the car.

Let your kid choose the type of rims they want on their new McLaren, what kind of bumper they like, and more. Even though it is a fairly complex set, Need for Speed McLaren MP4-12C can be put together with very little effort.

A 7-year-old will have no trouble building this model whatsoever. If he’s a fan of Need for Speed series, this is a perfect idea for a gift. On top of that, the price is pretty attractive considering what you get.

Price: $38.99

Buy the Need for Speed McLaren here.

20. Ausini Off Track Racing Car Set

ausini off track racing cars

Speaking of value for the money kits, Ausini’s Off-Track Racing Car set brings a whole lot of cars for not a lot of money. You get 321 separate pieces which can build five complete racing vehicles ranging in type and size. There’s a formula type racing car, a limo, a truck, off-road racing vehicle and more. Aside from these, you can make your own custom cars.

There’s more than enough pieces in the kit for that, however there is one more important detail. All of these pieces are fully compatible with LEGO blocks, which opens up the possibilities almost infinitely.

If your kid is a fan of racing cars and owns some LEGOs already, this kit from Ausini is something he will most definitely fall in love with. The amount of fun, exploring and learning this kit offers is just amazing. At this price, it is a steal.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Ausini Off Track Racing Car Set here.

21. BRICTEK Helicopter Carrier War Ship

Bricktek helicopter pad

There are boys who like airplanes, boys who like tanks, but also boys who just love boats. If your kid is obsessed with modern naval ships, BRICTEK has a perfect build set you need to check out. With 778 pieces in the box, it’s one of the most complex kits you can find at the moment. What we have here is a helicopter carrier complete with a chopper, crew, and guns.

It even features a small fast boat as an extra. This set is a perfect way to spend time with your kid as there’s a decent amount of work required to put the model together. On the other hand, if you want to let them figure it out on their own, they will have even more hours of fun. Just like many ‘off brand’ build sets these days, BRICTEK’s is fully compatible with LEGO and other manufacturers who use the same system.

Price: $119.99

Buy the Bricktek Helicopter Carrier here.

22. Megabloks Need for Speed Porsche 911 GT3 RS

mega bloks need for speed porsche

Similar to the McLaren we already mentioned before, this Mega Bloks Porsche 911 GT3 RS is another model from the Need for Speed series. Mega Bloks ships this kit with close to 70 pieces included, which makes it fun to build just as much as it is fun to play with post assembly. Aside from the default set of body parts, there are several more types of bonnets, bumpers and other elements available.

Your kid can swap out and customize this 911, making it look just how they like it. If you already own some of the models from the Need for Speed series, a Porsche 911 is a must-have addition. In terms of price, it’s not the cheapest thing out there, but it’s well worth the investment. If your kid loves cars, the versatility of Need for Speed models will make them fall in love with these models pretty quickly.

Price: $40.00

Buy the Megabloks Need for Speed Porsche here.

23. Megabloks Sports Bike

mega bloks cars

Not everyone is into cars, and bikes always have that cool factor many 7-year-olds are obsessed with. Just because this Megabloks Sports Bike is a bike doesn’t mean there will be fewer pieces to work with. On the contrary, in order to get the results seen on the box, you will need to put together some 303 pieces.

These range from really small ones to large ones such as the wind-breaker. Building this bike is really challenging, but also a rewarding experience. Your kid will spend hours putting this thing together, and you will love the sense of price they’ll have upon completion.

This kit is one of those that put the fine motor skills of the user to the test. It will teach your kids patience, precision and how putting in the work pays off in the end.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Megabloks Sports Bike here.

24. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

magnetic dart board

Darts are fun no matter how old you or your kids are. There’s just something about trying to hit a really small target that people find so fun. Marky Sparky’s Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board is the perfect way to let your kids experience the fun of darts without exposing them to dangers. Instead of using sharp tips, this board uses magnetic, dull darts. They are pretty stable in flight, and take nothing away from the game.

The set includes the 16-inch board and a set of 6 differently colored darts. The whole thing is easy to set up and pretty much ready to go right out of the box.

Since darts use a neodymium magnet, you don’t have to worry about darts just falling off the board, or not even sticking to it upon contact. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board will help your kids develop their hand-eye coordination and hone their throwing skills to perfection.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board here.

25. Little Pretender Walkie Talkies

little pretender walkie talkies

Walkie talkies are awesome, that’s all there is to it. Being able to talk over a fair distance to someone by pressing a button is something even grownups are still amazed at, let alone little kids. If you have boys who like to play outside, getting them a set of walkie talkies like the Little Pretenders will make their outdoor adventures that more fun. This set comes with two hand-held units, each featuring 3 channels and a built-in flashlight.

The range on this set is up to two miles given there are no terrain obstacles between the radios (remember when walkie talkies could barely make it across the house?!). Naturally, the whole set works much better at smaller distances. If your kid has a best friend who lives in the neighborhood, these radios could probably allow them to communicate with each other from their bedrooms. While walkie talkies are not toys in the true sense of the word, they are definitely fun to use.

Price: $26.99

Buy the Little Pretender Walkie Talkies here.

26. Simon Electronic Memory Game

Simon Game

Here’s a true classic. Simon Says has been entertaining kids since the ’80s. Even though it is that old, this legendary game is still one of the best ways to help your kid develop their memory. The one we are looking at here is the original, made by the same company which made the initial toy back in the day. With that said, this one is much more advanced. You have an LCD screen which will keep count of the score, while there is also a multiplayer mode available.

There are three game modes, just like on the original Simon. This unit is battery operated and requires three AA batteries to work. Simon ships these with a set, so you can turn it on as soon as you unpack it. If you think your kids won’t be interested in such an old game, just challenge them to a match. Chances are they will be hooked in minutes.

Price: $16.40

Buy the Simon Electronic Memory Game here.

27. Super Stadium Baseball Game

super stadium baseball game

Baseball, along with football, is probably the most popular sport among young boys. This realistic stadium game allows your kid to play baseball on a smaller scale, but with the same level of excitement.

Every player on the field is controllable, while you also get to change positions, dominant hand of the batter and so much more. The kit includes the stadium, a pitcher, three base runners and no less than seven fielders.

Aside from the manual which you should definitely read, there’s also a set of score sheets. This game can be played by a single player or two players at the same time. We suggest you explain to your kids how the game works, since there are several controls which need to be operated at the same tine. There are three balls supplied with the set, so be careful not to loose them. Overall, Super Stadium Baseball Game is a great toy for any young fan of this sport.

Price: $39.95

Buy the Super Stadium Baseball Game here.

28. Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer

super sounds soccer

With soccer becoming ever more popular, chances are your kid will be among the millions of young fans. The Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer is a great tool that will help any kid perfect their soccer technique. The set includes a goal fitted with a net, and an adjustable target. There are two ways you can play with this goal. You can either practice hitting the goal in general, or you can challenge yourself and try to hit the much smaller target.

Whenever a goal is scored a sound will be played. This goes for both standard goals or successful target hits. The ball which comes with the goal is pretty small, however the whole thing works just as well with a regular soccer ball. If your kid is interested in playing soccer, this goal is a perfect way for them to practice the essentials at home. Or, if they have a friend over, they can have a match.

Price: $29.53

Buy the Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer here.

29. Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

spectacular magic show

Modern art of magic has been one of the most popular sources of entertainment for a long time. It’s no wonder the kids love it. Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase allows your little ones to try out different magic tricks for themselves, and learn just how this stuff works. The number of props inside the suitcase are just impressive and overwhelming. Let’s just say that your kid will have enough material to work with for months. Tricks they can perform with this kit are very real and impressive.

There’s simple stuff such as magic card decks, while there are more complicated props as well. The absolute best thing about the Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase is its price. Considering the overwhelming amount of props available, the price is a bargain. If your boy is interested in magic, this is a must-have addition to your list of gift ideas.

Price: $32.22

Buy the Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase here.

30. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

pogo stick

For those who have very active kids, Flybar’s Foam Master Pogo Stick is a perfect gift idea. This is the original pogo stick that has been making these for almost a century now. Even though it seems a bit big, it’s more than suitable for those as young as 7. Materials used to build this pogo stick are pretty decent and you definitely don’t have to worry about it breaking or getting damaged easily.

One thing you should definitely do is explain to your kids how to use the pogo stick safely, and how important safety gear is. Once you cover that, you can let them loose and watch them have the time of their lives as they bounce around your back yard.

This is the type of toy they can use at home or wherever you decide to go for a vacation. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick is not only the original, but it is also one of the cheapest pogo sticks available today.

Price: $42.32

Buy the Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick here.

31. Star Wars 30th Anniversary: AT-AT Walker

star wars toys

If you and your kid are fans of Star Wars, you know that there is rarely anything as scary as the AT-AT walker. The one we are looking at here is a smaller version of this incredible machine from the movies. It appeared in the Revenge of The Sith during the battle of Kashyyyk. It features a great level of detail, fully functioning legs as well as a variety of armament which is functional.

Overall, it’s a fairly large model, which can accommodate up to 3 action figures from the series. If you are building a full Star Wars set for your kid, this is one of the rare models which not many will have in their collections.

The gizmo’s name – All Terrain Attack Pod – isn’t only for show. You can play with this thing outside, and plant it on just about any type of terrain without it falling over.

Price: $72.99

Buy the Star Wars 30th Anniversary At-AP Walker

32. PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skateboard

tmnt skateboard

Skateboards have been the favorite pastime of young boys for decades. Nothing beats cruising down the street on your board, or doing trick with friends. PlayWheels offers a very decent 28-inch board that features pretty awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired graphics on both sides of the board. The quality is great. They have used 9 layers of maple, which makes a pretty thick and tough board that can definitely take some punishment.

This particular one comes with Donatello graphics, while other designs are available as well. Because of its size, the PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28″ Complete Skateboard is perfect for boys ages 5 and above.

If you have a 7-year-old kid, he should have a blast with this thing. One of the most important things on any skateboard are the wheels. This one comes with PVC injected wheels that feature 608ZB bearings. These specs translate to a very smooth ride.

Price: $89.98

Buy the TMNT Skateboard here.

33. Adventure Parks Fun Ride Zip Line

zip line

One of the most fun activities kids can partake outside is riding on zip lines. On a second thought, zip lines are super fun no matter how old you are. Adventure Parks Fun Ride Zip Line brings that awesome experience to your backyard.

Designed for kids, this zip line is affordable, durable and just awesome to play with. Installation is pretty straight forward. All you need comes in the box, and that includes a durable metal cable, the trolley and a variety of hardware necessary for installation.

Cable is rated for 100lbs and can provide 35 feet of travel. Once you want to move the zip line, all you have to do is reverse the installation process and you can take the whole thing with you on your vacation or road trip.

As with any activity of this kind, it’s important to provide safety gear for your kids, and explain to them how to safely use the zip line. If you can ignore the terribly cheesy graphic on the front of the box, it’s well worth the price tag.

Price: $103.92

Buy the Adventure Parks Fun Ride Zip Line here.

34. Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter

razor powerwing

Ever since they first appeared, scooters were a great deal of fun for both kids and teenagers alike. They offered a decent alternative to skateboards, and soon enough established a pretty decent fan base. The Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter is a bit different than your usual model. Instead of having two wheels and requiring decent balance, you get three wheels.

This makes it perfect for younger kids to have fun while minimizing the risk of injury. Build quality of this model is more than decent. You get adjustable handlebar height, a hand brake, and a very good set of wheels.

If your kid is insisting on getting a scooter but you’re not sure whether or not they could properly ride it yet, something like Razor’s PowerWing could be a great compromise. As always, make sure that your kids are using all the necessary safety gear when riding this, or any other type of scooter.

Price: $81.30

Buy the Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter here.

35. Black Twinstar 60mm Compact Kids Refractor Telescope

telescope for kids

Exploring the universe around has been in human nature forever. Getting your kids interested in space, planets and general astronomy is a great way to educate them about the world we live in. This 60mm refractor telescope is one of the cheapest models that offer a decent performance. It comes with a 6mm eyepiece and a 20mm one.

The Black Twinstar 60mm Compact Kids Refractor Telescope is capable of 15x and up to 50x magnification, which should be more than enough to observe close celestial bodies such as the moon and Mars with a great amount of detail. It’s fun, extremely educational and most importantly, affordable.

For a rather small price, you can shape up your kid’s interests and awaken the desire to explore the universe as they grow up. Every kid should have one of these telescopes, or one like it in their back yard. The value it brings is too important to ignore, and it’s one of the best kids telescope available.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Black Twinstar Refractor Telescope here.

36. Marvel Avengers: Age Of Ultron Hulk RC Helicopter

Marvel quadcopter

Hulk has always been one of the most interesting superheroes in the Marvel universe. With recent films spiking up interest in this old character, a lot of young boys became instant fans overnight. If your kid fits that description, then something like the RC chopper with Hulk action figure is probably a great gift idea.

The chopper uses IR to communicate with the controller, and is capable of playing a variety of sounds. It’s a two channel setup, so you can fly more than one of these at the same time. The range is decent but you won’t be able to fly it too far. While it might not be the best RC helicopter out there, it is a great way to introduce your kid to the world of flying RCs. Make sure to follow the instructions closely and you will be flying Hulk around the room in no time.

Price: $51.58

Buy the Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk RC Helicopter here.

37. Zoomer Dino

Zoomer DIno

Dinosaurs are just cool. Anyone who says otherwise is simply wrong. What’s cooler than a regular dino? An RC one! The Zoomer Dino is a great little RC model that offers much, much more than just moving around the house. Not only does he have a mood that can change pretty quick, but he responds to motion and even roars. You can also teach him tricks, which is just cool on its own. Dino is capable of standing perfectly balanced on two wheels thanks to True Balance technology.

Dino is powered by an internal battery, which you can charge using nothing more than a regular USB cable. Remote requires 3 AAA batteries to work, which are not supplied with Dino.

Aside from being as pretty amazing RC model, Dino is one of the most fun toys you can get for your 7-year-old. The best thing about Zoomer’s Dino is the fact that it’s reasonably priced considering what it offers.

Price: $85.83

Buy the Zoomer Dino here.

38. New Age Smart Self-Balancing Robot

cool toys for 7 year olds

Speaking of cool RC robots balanced on two wheels, check out this one from New Age. Aside from its obvious remote control function, Smart Self Balancing Robot is a pretty interesting toy. It is capable of dancing with whatever type of music you put on, while he can also box with another robot of the same type. If you get two of these, you and your kids can enjoy a futuristic gladiator match in your own living room. The feature that really takes the cake is the tray.

You can stack objects on it, and the robot will balance out even with the additional weight. How cool is that? In terms of RC operated toys, this one is a great way to teach your kids how balancing works, and introduce them to basic robotics.

Overall, the robot is well made and features durable materials all around. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, although it comes with a spare.

Price: $69.99

Buy the Self-Balancing Robot here.

39. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

Hot wheels toys

Hot Wheels is one of those old toy manufacturers who is still very much relevant. Their tracks and interactive garages have been entertaining kids for decades. The one we have here is a more modern rendition of this classic setup. Not only that, but it is also the largest garage Hot Wheels has ever made. There’s room for 36 cars in there, a gas station, a tuning car shop and more.

If you already have some Hot Wheels tracks, you can connect them to this set without a single problem. Needless to say, the fun value of the Ultimate Garage is impressive. Your boys will be entertained for weeks on end. The level of detail is great as always, which creates the ultimate immersion.

Awesome set for a single kid, however Ultimate Garage can entertain a group of friends just as easily. If you were a fan of Hot Wheels as a kid, you know just what kind of awesomeness awaits with this building set.

Price: $75.40

Buy the Ultimate Garage Playset here.

40. Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber

cool lightsaber toys

Lightsaber – the quintessential piece of any Star Wars fan’s kit. If your kid is one of many diehard Star Wars admirers out there, this is the holy grail. The model we are looking at here is inspired by Kylo Ren’s saber from the most recent Star Wars movie. It features the main blade and two horizontal ones, just like the real thing. Once the lights are out, you can enjoy authentic light effects as well as sound effects. Unlike most other copies out there, the hilt on this one is made of metal.

It’s definitely a sturdy piece, although it probably shouldn’t be banged against hard surfaces. When it comes into contact with other light sabers, you will get that authentic sound effect, which is just cool. A stand is included in the package, allowing you to safely put this pup on display. It’s not the cheapest light saber out there, but the level of detail it offers is worth the investment.

Price: $132.95

Buy the Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren Force Fx here.

41. Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Star-Lord Quad Blaster

star-lord quad blaster replica

Guardians of The Galaxy is one of the best superhero movies in the recent years. If there’s one thing about superhero movies, it’s that young boys love them. Get your special boy the Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Star-Lord Quad Blaster, and give him an opportunity to be Star-Lord, himself.

The toy is made of high-quality plastics, and features a pretty authentic design compared to the blaster you see in the movie. The kit comes with four darts which can be fired as far as 25 feet by either of the toy’s four barrels.

With toys such as this one, it’s important to give your kid a safety lesson just in case. This Quad Blaster is a part of a larger kit which includes the suit and gloves, so you can already plan out the next few gifts in advance.

Price: $79.95

Buy the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Quad Blaster here.

42. Buddy-L Dump Truck

buddy l truck

Playing outside in the dirt is fun for every kid out there. However, it becomes even more fun you have some tools. The Buddy-L Dump Truck is a perfect companion for all those beach days when building sand castles requires some logistical support. The truck itself is built like a tank and you’d have to go an extra mile to put a dent on this one.

They have used metal for the majority of components bar the wheels and tires. There’s enough room in the bed for a decent payload. Speaking of the truck bed, it can be raised to dump whatever is in there. Even though it is simple in nature, a truck similar to this one has been all a boy needed to have fun for many decades now. One of the absolute best things about the Buddy-L Dump Truck is the price. It’s so affordable that you just can’t ignore it.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Buddy-L Dump Truck here.

43. DoubleE RC Excavator

DoubleE RC Excavator

A simple, roomy dump truck is great, but you will need a way to load it first. That’s where DoubleE’s RC Excavator comes in. This is a fully functional remote controlled model excavator. Not only can it move, but you can also control the arm just like on the real thing. It’s 1:16 scale, so it’s definitely not small. The level of detail is impressive, and those who are familiar with this type of equipment will see that right away.

Materials used to build this awesome RC are mostly focused around high-quality PVC. That doesn’t mean it’s not a sturdy toy. On the contrary. Instead of standard AAA batteries, DoubleE Excavator uses a built-in battery pack which you can recharge using a standard USB cable. Overall this a great toy for young boys and those who love the world of RC industrial machinery.

Price: $93.99

Buy the RC Excavator here.

44. TimMee Plastic Army Men Playset

Army Men Set

Little green army men have been the toy of choice for many generations by now. It all started with the most basic infantrymen, but nowadays we have so much more. Case in point, this awesome army man C130 airplane. It was modeled after AC130H Spectre, and comes fitted with a variety of heavy and light weaponry. If your kid is a fan of army men, and already has them, it’s probably time his little army gets the air support it needs.

This is a DIY set, so some assembly is required. On top of the gunship, you also get 24 classic infantrymen, one American flag, and the legendary M60 Patton tank. This set is a great addition to an already existing collection, but is also an awesome way to start one. It’s worth noting that the gunship comes with all the appropriate stickers as well.

Price: $55.80

Buy the Plastic Army Men Playset here.

45. Traxxas 36054-1 Stampede

traxxas stampede

If there is one company which makes great RC cars, it’s Traxxas. Their Stampede monster truck is one of the best in its category, and is used by RC enthusiasts all around the world. Is this a good gift for a 7-year-old? Definitely! Sure, it’s fast but this thing is borderline indestructible. Stampede is capable of defeating just about any kind of terrain you put it in, and features a great range (and an adjustable speed setting!)

Every piece of electronics is waterproof, meaning that you can easily take this thing outside and race it in the mud. Speaking of racing, Traxxas is known for bulletproof remote controllers which can handle busy airwaves just fine. Traxxas Stampede is far from being the cheapest RC car out there, however the price is definitely worth it. Unless your kid smashes this thing with a baseball bat, chances are it will last for many, many years.

Price: $216.84

Buy the Traxxas Stampede here.

46. Imaginarium Train Set with Table


This Toys “R” Us exclusive is an awesome addition to any kids bedroom. The Imaginarium Train Set Table is a complete table with an intricate railroad and street network which work great with each other. The table itself is made of great quality wood and is very easy to assemble. train tracks are made of wood, and all three carts which come with the set feature quality wheels. There are also two cars that are completely capable of navigating the streets around the gas station, hospital and more.

The scenery includes a little town, a nice waterfront, a bridge and a railroad crossing. If you’re wondering who lives in this small town, there are three little figures that will gladly answer that question for you. Endless hours of fun await with this versatile setup. On top of that, this train kit is fully compatible with any Thomas and Friends kit so there’s room for upgrades.

Price: $109.99

Buy the Imaginarium Train Set here.

47. LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS

porsche lego

We have already shown you one cool Porsche 911 GT3 RS. However, the one we’re about to go over definitely offers a more detailed, and in some ways, cooler experience. The LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a 1:8 size model of the popular German supercar. If you’re wondering how detailed this build is, let’s just say that there are 2704 pieces to put together before yours can look anything like the one pictured on the box.

This has got to be one of the most complex build kits out there, and a perfect challenge for any young mechanic out there. It will probably take weeks to put together, but once it’s done, it will become the centerpiece of your kid’s bedroom. LEGO Technic has shaped many young engineers so far, so there’s definitely educational value as well as entertainment to be had.

We also included the Porsche on our list of the best LEGO Technic Sets for sale.

Price: $299.99

Buy the LEGO Technic Porsche here.

48. Avigo Ram 3500 Fire Truck

Avigo Ram Fire Truck

If you feel like it’s time for your kid to get a decent set of wheels, the Avigo Ram Fire Truck is definitely worth looking at. This fun sized fire truck features fully functioning doors, room for two little firefighters, a fully functioning water gun in the back, and so much more. The tires are made of rubber, making them a great choice for any type of surface. The whole car is powered by a 12V battery which comes included.

With this battery pack, Avigo Ram 3500 Fire Truck is capable of reaching up to 5mph. The charger comes standard with the car, so you don’t have any additional expenses to worry about. To complete the immersion and take things to a whole new level, Avigo included a set of emergency lights as well as sounds. It’s definitely not a cheap car, but the amount of fun your kids can have with this little Ram is definitely worth it.

Price: $449.99

Buy the Avigo Ram Fire Truck here.

49. 4-Station Art Easel with Storage

art easel for kids

So far we have shown you toys for future engineers, explorers as well as firemen. How about something for the aspiring artists? This 4-Station Art Easel is a great environment for any kid to practice their painting skills while having all the tools close at hand. There’s enough room for up to four little artists to work comfortably.

The lower portion of the easel features more than enough storage space for all of the painting supplies your kids could ever need. The base surface is a write-and-wipe type of board, however you also receive a set of clips which allow you to attach the paper to these surfaces with ease. Each of the four available boards comes with its own tray at the bottom, while you also receive three larger ones which sit in the storage compartment. Let your kids express themselves with this true artist’s workbench.

Price: $399.99

Buy the 4-Station Art Easel here.

50. LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Play Set

star wars toys for 7 year olds

Last but not least, let’s go back to LEGO and show you one of their most complex sets featuring a Star Wars theme. This package includes everything you need to build the Millennium Falcon as well as a TIE advanced prototype fighter.

On top of that, you get the main character lineup from the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as several Imperial mini figures. Building both of the crafts is entertaining on its own, but the real fun starts when both sides are ready to fly.

With this set, your kid can recreate awesome battles between the evil empire and the rebels in different settings. It’s one of the best Star Wars LEGO kits out there, and one that definitely fits offers the most fun. LEGO being LEGO, this collection costs a bit more than most other kits, but considering its fun value and collectible nature, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Price: $321.99

Buy the Ultimate Star Wars Play Set here.

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