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19 Best Toys Under $100 for Girls: The Ultimate List

Who doesn’t love saving money and finding a great gift? After all, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to find the perfect gift. With our guide to the best toys under $100 for girls, you’ll find a gift they’ll love in no time.

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Dolls, Tech, or Toys - How to Pick The Ultimate Gift

The rule I have for anyone looking to buy a gift is this: Keep an eye on what they play with more than anything else, and go with more of that. 

This may sound obvious but it's the single rule you need to think of when picking out the perfect gift. 

You absolutely don't want to get something you think is cool but they won't want to play with. Sometimes playing it safe is the smartest decision you can make. 

Take this as an example. Your child plays with dolls. Buying them a tablet, when they've not shown any interest in tech would be money wasted. 

Whenever you're shopping for a gift, you always, always want to grab them something that's personal to their interests. 

So shop smarter by rummaging around in their toys to see what they like. 

Stocking Fillers Under $10

You would not believe how many great toys you can get for under $10. If you've got a theme to work with, there's almost sure to be something for everyone. 

You'll find some inspiration to get you started below. And yes, all of these are under $10. 

Who says you need to spend loads to get something worthwhile?

One Word of Warning: Factor in Shipping

While I don't want to alarm anyone, this year has been a little... Different. 

More and more shoppers are looking to ditch the high-street in favor of online shopping. That's a good thing, for sure, and staying safe is a priority for all of us.

The only downside of everyone shopping online is everyone's shopping online. Even commerce giants like Amazon are feeling the strain on the unprecedented levels of shipping. 

My advice? If you can, don't leave it until a few weeks before you need it. Buy whatever you need as early as possible and hide it under the bed.

Believe me, you do not want to leave anything to the last minute this year. If you do find yourself in this situation (it happens to us all), definitely have a think about grabbing Prime to see if whatever you need can get there quicker. It may very well be a life-saver. 

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