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14 Best Fidget Spinners

Whether you know them as an unexplained Internet phenomenon or an EDC item for perpetually restless fingers, fidget spinners are arguably one of the most popular toys of the 21st century. Read on below to browse our favorite fidget toys across all varieties.

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Do Fidget Spinners Really Reduce Stress?

When fidget spinners first hit the market, they were touted as a therapeutic tool to alleviate symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and autism. But do they really help? Preliminary signs point to yes.

There aren't many studies that directly support fidget toys for increasing focus but this article from Scientific American cites several sources that seem to support it. Most interesting is a  UC Davis study that showed that letting children with ADHD fidget while they worked helped them perform a cognitively demanding task.

From personal experience, this just makes sense. Fidget toys provide a controllable sensory experience to focus your excess energy on when you are sitting in a classroom or office. But whether or not their therapeutic effects have been exaggerated, fidget toys are super fun at the very least.

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