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What happens when you cross scented candyfloss with dolls? You get the Candylocks toy range.

Each doll has its own sweet-smelling scent. The two-packs even go as far as matching contrasting scents. Think chocolate-and-mint or cookies-and-cream, that sort of thing.

Whereas other dolls have a focus on brushing the hair, Candylocks treads a slightly different path. Instead of brushing, the cotton hair is almost candyfloss-like, and can be easily styled without the need for a brush.

Plaits, twists, buns – whatever kids want to do to style their new best friend, they can do so easily.

All in all, Candylocks are a really interesting twist (no pun intended) on what you expect from dolls. They’re smaller, much, much cheaper, and have their own unique hook.

I should note as well, because of how cheap these things are, I’m expecting them to sell-through very quickly, especially as we inch towards Christmas.

If you’re looking to pick up Candylocks for your little one, below are the best places to head to.

Amazon: $9.97 and Up

Amazon is always my personal go-to online shop when it comes to buying toys.

Not only does Amazon have an extensive range of toys, and are often the cheapest, they also have one of the best returns policies should anything go wrong.

Currently, there’s a lot of different Candylocks dolls in stock, so here’s a quick rundown.

Buy Them on Amazon Here

Target: $9.97

Target currently has one of the Candylocks blind-bags in stock. It’s also no cheaper than Amazon at the moment, so it all comes down to which online shop you prefer.

Buy Them on Target Here

Wallmart: $9.97

Wallmart has a few more Candylocks dolls than Target but doesn’t have any of the two-packs in as of writing. If that changes, we’ll be sure to update.

Buy Them on Wallmart Here

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