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All Elf on the Shelf Pets You Can Buy (Updated!)

As Christmas approaches, the most fun you can have is setting up an elf of the shelf journey. It’s not just kids who love seeing what these loveable critters have been up to while they sleep, adults love being able to get involved in the (slightly devious) fun. You can even get Christmas Elf Squishmallows if you wanted to spice things up a bit!

Without further ado, below you’ll find all the best elf of the shelf pets you can buy right now.

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5 of the Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Although elf on the shelf may imply you stick your cutesy critter on a shelf, that's boring. If you're looking for some inspiration, below are some of the best ideas to put smiles on faces. 

The Big Baking Catastrophe

This one just works. Grab your favorite baking ingredients (I go with these Mug Cakes because I don't have time to bake), lay them out on a counter, place your elf pet in the center, then sprinkle flour all around and a small amount on the pet. 

It'll look like they've gotten up in the night and decided to (badly) make a cake.

I've done this one and believe me, younger kids will get a giggle out of it. 

The Cereal Box Explosion

If you're not too into the idea of making a mess, this one's for you. 

Grab a cereal box with a character on the front - Rice Krispies work great for this one. Take the cereal packet out so you've got just the box. Now, pop your hand inside and poke a hole through one of the character's faces. You can probably guess what comes next. 

Grab your pet and push its head through the open hole and you're done!

Bonus points to anyone who drops a few pieces on the counter to really add to the idea the elf pet got stuck in there. 

A Midnight Snack

This one's nice and easy but works effortlessly. 

Grab your pet, head to the refrigerator, and carefully place them in alongside some food. 

If you want to take this one step further, to avoid food going off, save a pot and its lid a week before you plan on pulling this off, then when you're ready put that pot back in the fridge with the pet either inside or reaching in. 

Game Night

Got some kids board games? If so, you're in luck. 

This is another really easy one to bring to life. Just plonk the elf pet next to a board game that's been set up and it'll look great. 

The real brilliance of this plan comes via taking it one step further. When I did it, I chose Monopoly and grabbed some of my kids' Paw Patrol Toys

All of the Paw Patrol members were sat surrounded by Monopoly money and properties while the elf had nothing. He really wasn't very good at Monopoly. 

Have a think about what board games and toys your child loves then use them in the scene for some extra smiles. 

The Photo Bandit

This one is by far the most devious on this list. 

Grab yourself a Cheap Photo Frame and a week-ish before you plan on pulling this heist off, put a family photo in the frame and hang it on the wall. 

Why a cheap frame? Because we're about to ruin it. 

Next arm yourself with a marker pen. Remember when you were a kid and would add mustaches and funny eyes to newspapers? Do that same, only on the photo frame (not on the photo itself, obviously!). 

When your masterpiece is complete, sit the pen and the pet next to the frame. 

As the kids charge into the room they won't notice it straight away. But when they do, that's when the screams of laughter will ring through the whole house.  

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