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50 Best Barbie Toys: Dolls, Playsets, and More (Updated!)

Barbie toys have come a long way since Mattel first introduced her in 1959. Careers, activities, aspirations – Barbie’s done it all and been it all over for years. An inspiration to generations of children, Barbie dolls and toys are seriously fun and make the perfect gift for kids of all ages.

Our list of the best Barbie toys features all kinds of awesome finds and classic picks we know any child will love. From big-ticket items like the ever-popular and sought-after Barbie dollhouse (Barbie Dreamhouse) to interactive playsets to Barbies with all kinds of professions and career aspirations, our list has something for everyone.

For all the best Barbie dolls, playsets, and more, read on.

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Barbie: Inspiring Young Children From The Beginning

Chances are if you're shopping for Barbie toys, dolls, and playsets, you once had your own collection. Born on March 9, 1959 from the vision of Mattel's co-founder Ruth Handler, Barbie has been a treasured part of American and world culture for years. In fact, parents have been known to save their own Barbies to pass on to their children when the time was right - my mom saved hers for me.

With generations of children growing up with these dolls, it's no surprise that Barbie is still popular today. And, while Barbie has gone through several design changes in her 62 years, including a complete redesign with more realistic silhouettes, one thing remains true: she's an inspiration to many.

I've always thought that Barbie aspired to inspire, teaching young girls and children that you can be anything and do anything: astronaut, doctor, director, scientist, judge, botanist, president, and countless more. Barbie even has an entire line of career-minded dolls available today. So, while there are many outfits and cool accessories to pick from, we think Ruth Handler said it best:

"My whole philosophy of Barbie was that, through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices."

How to Organize Barbie Toys

Barbie toys, dolls, and playsets usually come with a lot of accessories - things that elevate the imaginative play experience. We've included some organizers on our list of best Barbie toys to help keep it all together, but here are tips and tricks to make the most of the organization process: 

First Tip: Store the actual Barbies in a shoe organizer, especially if you're limited on space. You can put one or two Barbies per pocket and hang everything from behind a door!

Second Tip: Ziploc bags - use them! Ziploc bags are great if you want to keep your child's Barbie clothes together by outfit - which we think is important. You can use the sandwich size bags, putting each outfit in a bag. Then, put each of the bags together in a small bin (like a canvas bin, for example). It works wonders.

Third Tip: What the heck do you do with all of the different Barbie shoes, you ask? We've seen quite a few solutions for this, but the best is to use one of those bead organizers that has multiple compartments. You can put a couple of pairs in each compartment without things getting too confusing!

If you're still looking for the right solution for your family and home, we suggest taking a look at Pinterest for inspiration. There are always so many wonderful ideas to try out.

What New Barbie Toys Are Coming in 2023?

Great question! We'll get our first look at new Barbie toys, dolls, playsets, and accessories at the 2021 New York Toy Fair, with organizers hoping to hold the event in May. We'll be sure to update our list with all the latest, greatest, and coolest offerings once announced.