50 Best Barbie Toys: Dolls, Playsets, and More

Barbie toys have come a long way since Mattel’s initial inception in 1959, and now, there are thousands of different Barbie dolls and toys available — that’s right, thousands! Lucky for you, though: we’ve narrowed it down to the 50 best Barbie toys below:

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How to Organize Barbie Toys

There are many different wants that you can keep your child's Barbies organized, so there is no one right answer. However, being a father of a Barbie-enthusiast for over 7 years, I do have some tips for you.

First Tip: Store the actual Barbies in a shoe organizer, especially if you're limited on space. You can put one or two Barbies per pocket!

Second Tip: Ziploc bags - use them! Ziploc bags are great if you want to keep your child's Barbie clothes together by outfit. You can use the sandwich size bags, putting each outfit in a bag. Then, put each of the bags together in a small bin (like a canvas bin, for example). It works wonders.

Third Tip: What the heck do you do with all of the different Barbie shoes, you ask? We've seen quite a few solutions for this, but the best is to use one of those bead organizers that has multiple compartments. You can put a couple of pairs in each compartment without things getting too confusing!

What New Barbie Toys Are Coming in 2020?

We will get our first look at the new Barbie toys that are releasing in 2020 at New York Toy Fair in late February - so, check back after then for a roundup with more information.

What Happened to My Size Barbies And Why DId Mattel Stop Making Them?

One of the best things that Mattel did in the past (starting in 1992) was create a 3-foot Barbie that was called My Size Barbie. Unfortunately, you won't find any new My Size Barbies.

Is it because they were terrifying to parents? Probably not, but that is definitely worth noting. We're not sure why the line is defunct, but we do know that Mattel has something that's close: 28" dolls. Instead of 3 feet, they're just over 2 feet tall. So, no - she's not quite the same size as your 7 year old, but she's still bigger than the standard Barbie.

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