101 Awesome Big Gifts for Kids: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re on a quest to find some seriously awesome big gifts for kids with all kinds of magic and wow-power, we’re here to help.

Our list of 101 most awesome big gifts for kids has something for everyone – toddlers, tweens, teens, and everyone in between! We’re talking about big-ticket items we know they’ll love: the coolest gadgets, the most fun toys, the latest gaming consoles, the best in outdoor activities, and some of the most creatively-inspiring STEM projects on the market today…including robots! Yes, robots. Like we said, we’ve covered it all.

We’re even featuring some incredible family gift ideas we know your entire crew will enjoy. For the coolest and latest gifts for kids, read on.

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Big Gifts For Kids: All The "WOW's"

Our list of the best and most awesome big gifts for kids features a variety of options for kids of all ages - even you, mom and dad! Even those of us who are young at heart will enjoy a lot of what's on here - and that's okay! The more "wow's" you hear on Christmas morning, the better.

So, here's a rundown of what's on our list of big Christmas gifts for kids:

STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) Toys

Problem-solving, critical thinking, coding - there's a lot to learn and have fun with when it comes to STEM toys. Great for kids of all ages, but especially those in their early school years, STEM toys help inspire creativity and teach kids about science, technology, engineering, and math - as the acronym suggests. Research actually shows that educational toys are incredibly beneficial to our development, and the impact they have on a variety of skill sets and learning processes is unmatched.

And, yes, we've even included a few STEM robots on our list of big gifts for kids. Not only are they incredibly cool, but they teach children about coding, which is an important skill to have these days.

Learning...having fun...sounds like a real winner in our book. For additional STEM toys, click here.

Outdoor Activities

While winter is coming, it won't be cold forever. So, if you're on a quest for big gifts for kids that get them moving and shaking, we've got you covered. Research actually shows that playing outside and being active provides a lot of benefits to kids - and adults, too! From the sunshine to socializing to problem-solving to risk-taking, playing and being active is not only fun - it's essential!

We've featured a variety of gifts for kids that get them up and moving, and while we know they'll love them, we think you will, too.

Cool Gadgets & Games

It wouldn't be a list of awesome big gifts for kids without gadgets and games. From the latest gaming consoles - which we'll be updating, soon! - to drones to cameras to computers the whole family can use and enjoy, there's something on here for everyone.


While gadgets and games are cool, getting children to make up their own fun is incredibly important to their development. A lot of what's on our list of big Christmas gifts for kids does just that, too. Between the STEM toys and sandboxes and musical instruments to even laser tag, much of the items on our list inspire kids to get creative and imaginative. 

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