Early Black Friday DJI FPV Combo Drone Deal: Save $300

Black Friday DJI FPV Combo Drone Deal


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Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced pilot, this early Black Friday DJI FPV drone deal knocks a massive $300 off the asking price of one of the best drones out there.

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Originally retailing for $1,299,99 this $300 saving brings the price down to $999. It’s still pricey, for sure, but given the tech and craftsmanship the DJI FPV offers, the price makes sense for what this beast is capable of.

What Makes the DJI FPV Combo So Good?

DJI FPV Goggles and controller


Let’s first start by taking a look at the design. The heightened helm at the front allows wind to travel over-and-around the drone, which offers up a clever, extra level of wind resistance.

While style isn’t everything in the drone world, when you get to this level of pricing you want something that stuns, and the DJI FPV does. It’s as sleek as they come and looks and feels like a premium product. The customizable front LEDs on the arms are a really nice touch as well. Being able to customize your flightcraft, and make it something unique to you, really separates the DJI FPV from other drones.

Next we need to talk about the goggles, because they are on another level. We’re talking a 150-degree viewing angle and up to 120 frames-per-second. On top of that, it’s a headset that’s designed for all head shapes and is one of the most comfortable out there.

I could go on with all the minor details (and there are a lot) but let’s focus on the important stuff: the three different flying modes.

N Mode is designed for newcomers. It offers an immersive experience with traditional flight controls as well as tailor-made DJI safety characteristics like obstacle sensing. If you’ve never flown a drone before or want a stress-free flight, this is the mode for you.

Next up is S Mode, a dynamic mode that combines the freedom of manual flying with simplified controls. Think of it as the intermediate setting – the stepping stone between beginner and pro.

Finally, there’s M Mode. This is the mode for all the pro-flyers out there, complete with customizable parameters for a seamless experience. If this is you, just know this monster can go from 0 to 60 mph in just two seconds. And yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

Who Is the DJI FPV Combo Aimed At?

DJI has managed to do the impossible and create a cutting-edge drone that’s aimed at newcomers and pros alike. In short, no matter your skill level, the DJI FPV has something for every kind of pilot.

What Comes in the Box?

DJI FPV what's inside the box?


This is a combo deal, so you can expect plenty of extras. The entire set, which is everything you need to get up and running, is listed below.

  • DJI FPV Drone × 1
  • DJI FPV Intelligent Flight Battery × 1
  • DJI FPV Propellers (Pair) × 4
  • DJI FPV Gimbal Protector × 1
  • DJI FPV Top Shell × 1
  • DJI FPV Remote Controller 2 × 1
  • Spare Control Sticks (Pair) × 1
  • DJI FPV Goggles V2 × 1
  • DJI FPV Goggles Antenna (Dual Band) × 4
  • DJI FPV Goggles Battery × 1
  • DJI FPV Goggles Power Cable (USB-C) × 1
  • DJI FPV Goggles Headband × 1
  • DJI FPV Goggles Foam Padding × 1
  • DJI FPV AC Power Adapter × 1
  • DJI FPV AC Power Cable × 1
  • USB-C Data Cable USB-C Data Cable × 1
  • USB-C OTG Cable USB-C OTG Cable × 1

Is The DJI FPV Worth the Price?

So much thought and tech have gone into making the DJI FPV the best it can be that while the price is high, it’s easily justified. Features like the front, downward, and ToF sensors and a brilliant return-to-home function, crystal clear 4K video, the best controllers out there, and a set of goggles that are industry-leading all help to make this product the best it can be. Yes, it’s pricey, even with this $300 saving, but if you want the best, this is it.

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