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5 Best He-Man Revelation Figures

He-Man is back, baby, and he brought with him a killer line of toys to boot. If you’ve yet to check them out yet, or haven’t added them to your wish list, read on to find out why the He-Man Revelation figures are some of the best toys around.

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What Size Are The He-Man Revelation Figures?

These figures are on the six-inch scale, which is the most common sizing for figures in this area. A large portion of industry-leading action figures - including GI Joe, Marvel Legends, and Star Wars - all work within the six-inch scale.

If your current collection is based around this scale, the He-Man action figures will scale without any issue. 

It's worth mentioning, the McFarlane range of figures - Fortnite, DC, My Hero Academia and so forth - operate on the seven-inch scale, so there will be a slight height difference, although it's not massively noticeable. 

What Ages Are the He-Man Action Figures For?

While most action figures come in for ages four and up, the He-Man figures are geared towards ages six and above. It's hard to pinpoint why the extra two years have been added, but going off of other figures it may be something to do with being able to interchange different body parts which may be easy to swallow.  

For the record, the He-Man Revelation TV show on Netflix is rated TVPG. 

How Do They Compare To Other Figures?

The biggest competitor in terms of similarity in this price bracket is the excellent Hasbro Marvel Legends series. Marvel Legends are, for me, the toy to beat, mixing affordability with high-quality and smart design. 

How do the Revelation figures hold up in comparison? Really well, actually. One of the key components of toys right now is articulation, and Mattel understands what this line of toys needs to make them stand out. Not only that, Mattel also nailed things on the accessory side of things. Toys come with what they need, extra heads where it makes sense, and Moss Man in particular comes with a giant vine hand that really elevates the whole package. 

Final Thoughts

Mattel's He-Man Revelation figures are a hit. In terms of RRP, around the $20 mark is exactly where you want to be. The $10 area is filled with cheap, less realistic toys. Then if you venture past $20, you get into ridiculous pricing territory. 

Pricing, of course, is irrelevant if the action figures aren't up to the same standard as those they're competing with. Mattel has done a killer job of bringing each of these characters to life while also updating them with modern touches. 

Articulation is fantastic, as is the inclusion of extra hands or limbs. Kids and collectors are sure to get a kick out of customizing their own figure with different hands or heads. And as I mentioned above, the accessories really do make these figures feel more premium than they should. 

It doesn't matter whether you're a kid or a collector, these are some high-quality figures He-Man fans are going to want on their shelves.