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Hot Toys The Scarlet Witch

Hot Toys

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Hot Toys has revealed its Wandavision line of collectible figures, including a premium Scarlet Witch figure.

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The Hot Toys The Scarlet Witch figure has an expected shipping date of July 2022 to September 2022 and will retail for $275. Given the popularity of Wandavision, not to mention just how good this offering is, ordering it early from Sideshow is sure to be a smart choice. Wanda Maximoff’s popularity has grown to new heights thanks to the Disney+ TV show, so expect this to sell through quicker than other Hot Toys figures.

As this is Hot Toys, it’s not just a single figure in a box. Along with the highly detailed, hand-painted head sculpt based on Elizabeth Olsen, there are also eight extra hands – including relaxed and different gesturing poses. What’s especially awesome is two sets of the hands feature red translucent fingertips that actually glow thanks to the inclusion of a small battery.

On the costume side of things, Wanda comes with her full Scarlet Witch get-up. The hooded cape features a silver-ish pattern and boasts an embedded bendable wire making it great for posing. Elsewhere the vest, waist armor, headband, boots, and pants all feature a ridiculous amount of detail. With the Hot Toys The Scarlet Witch figure, there are no shortcuts. Everything is as it should be. If you’re after a Scarlet Witch that is as life-like as possible, this is the figure for you.

If posing is your thing, this pack also comes with a Darkhold book and a figure display stand with a Scarlet Witch headband motif and Wandavision logo.

Should You Buy It?

Hot Toys

There’s no question who the Scarlet Witch figure is aimed at – it’s for collectors, with a price tag to match. Sure, it’s pricey. There’s no way to sugarcoat that. However, this isn’t a mass-produced toy to be sold to kids with allowance money to spend. This is as premium as they come. Hot Toys has spent years perfecting its formula and the results are, frankly, incomparable to anything else on the market. This is as realistic and detailed as it gets.

It’s worth noting, not everyone is keen on the idea of dropping $275 in one go. Thankfully, Sideshow offers a layaway option to pay off the figure in installments over two, three, or four months depending on your circumstance. That works out to around $68.88 if you opt for the four-month plan, which for some, is a lot easier to manage (the choice is totally up to you, though).

Personally, and as a collector myself, the price makes a lot of sense. This is the best of the best in terms of likeness and quality, so while it may be eye-watering to some, as a collector it’s a worthwhile investment. Even more so if you’ve got a Marvel collection set up and want to add to it.

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Further Product Information

  • Product Size: 11.02-inches (279.91 mm)
  • Box Height: 6-inches (152.4 mm) | Width: 10-inches (254 mm) | Depth: 16-inches (406.4 mm)
  • Accessories: Eight interchangeable hands | Darkhold book | Figure stand | Posable cape
  • Points of Articulation: 28

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