Magic Mixies Black Friday Deal: Save 25%

Magic Mixies Black Friday Deal

Moose Toys

The rule for Black Friday is if you were going to buy it anyway, buy it. And given the popularity of Magic Mixies, this Magic Mixies Black Friday deal is too good to sleep on. It is, after all, one of the most in-demand Christmas toys out there.

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Magic Mixies Black Friday Deal

Moose Toys

This Black Friday deal knocks 25 percent off the Magic Mixies Misting Crystal Ball, bringing the price down from the original recommended price of $84.99 to $64.

A saving of 20 bucks isn’t huge, but at this time of year, every little bit helps, right?

What Is the Magic Mixies Misting Crystal Ball?

Want to become a real mixieologist? That’s the main hook of the Mixies Misting Crystal Ball.

Kids get to create their own Mixies character and breathe life into it. Think lights, mist, and magical phrases. If you’re after something that’s truly a magical experience, and they already adrore the Mixies line, they’re going to love this.

When we reviewed the Magic Mixies Misting Crystal Ball earlier this year, we said: “Setting it up requires no effort as it all comes assembled. Getting into the magic really is as simple as grabbing the instructions, turning on the wand, and turning on the crystal ball. Read, button, button. It’s that simple.

“The magical element here is astounding to see firsthand. Watching as swipes of the wand causes the crystal ball to respond is enchanting, and we can see how kids are going to be spellbound by this toy.”

Magic Mixies Misting Crystal Ball Price History


According to the price history via CamelCamelCamel, the $64 price point is the cheapest the Mixies Crystal Ball has been at Amazon. The cheapest overall was a now sold-out third-party, used version for $59.25. If we being honest, that isn’t worth the price difference.

A used Misting Crystal Ball could come without any of the packets of misting dust, which ruins the whole experience. So yeah, stick with buying new. $64 new is a great price and a decent saving.

Magic Mixies Misting Crystal Ball Age Recommendation

The Magic Mixies Misting Crystal Ball is designed for ages five years and up. It does require four AAA batteries, but they’re included, so you don’t need to worry about buying any extra batteries. What a nice change, eh?

Alternatives to Consider

Due to the unique nature of the whole Magic Mixies line, there really aren’t any direct comparisons. No other toy allows kids to create and breathe life into a toy like this.

We can, however, recommend some alternative gift options that are on offer for Black Friday.

Alternative Buying Options

The Mixies Crystal Ball is also in stock at Walmart and Target. Both those storefronts offer it for the same price: $64.

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