Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron: Everything You Need to Know

Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron

Moose Toys

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After a magical experience they’ll never forget? If so, then you absolutely want to check out the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron from Moose Toys, which is one track to becoming one of the biggest, most sought-after toys of the year. 

This thing really is a toy like no other. Included in this set is a colorful cauldron kids use to create a Mixie pet. How it works is as so: Kids add water and that brings the cauldron to life. In fact, the cauldron will guide kids through the rest of the way, telling them when to add mystical ingredients that will foam and bubble when they place them in. 

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After that comes adding the pieces to create the Mixie, which includes a Pegasus feather so it can fly and sparkles for its eyes. 

All that’s left at this point is to wave the magic wand and say the magic words MAGICUS MIXUS,” then as if by magic, a gray mist will rise from the cauldron to reveal a completely dry Mixie.

The super-cute Mixie lights up and, as you’d expect, makes plenty of adorable noises. 

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To be honest, I’ve been trying to work out how this all works and I’ve got nothing. How is the Mixie suddenly dry? How did it get in there? The only answer I’ve got is “magic.” Kids are going to love this. If you get a chance, watch the video above. The Magic Mixie Magic Cauldron is one of those toys you need to see in action to really appreciate just how special it is. 

One of the brilliant things about this set is it’s not a one-time use. Moose Toys has also released refill packs for $9.99, which come with the chance to perform two new spells and 20 misting moments.

To mark the release of the Magic Mixie Magic Cauldron, Moose Toys has teamed up with the award-winning actor and New York Times bestselling author of The Magic Misfits, Neil Patrick Harris.

“Magic has been a passion for me since I was a child,” says Neil Patrick Harris

“Magic sparks imagination and allows for endless creativity, and it’s been important to me that my kids experience magic in their lives.

“Childhood is such a magical time, and the short window where kids believe that real magic exists is fleeting. I love that the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron encourages kids to believe just a little longer. It puts the power in kids’ hands and delivers an incredibly cool experience where kids are actually creating the magic.”

Given how popular brands like Harry Potter and Disney’s The Owl House are with kids, it’s no surprise to see how much buzz the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron is creating. Magic kits have always proven popular with kids. But given we live in the tech age, keeping the magic alive proves more difficult the further kids become aware of how things work.

Having seen the Magic Mixie Magic Cauldron in action, Moose Toys appears to be utilizing modern, clever tech in a way to brings back the illusion in a convincing way, and is sure to be one of the heavy-hitters this coming fall.

Where to Buy

Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron 1

Moose Toys

As of right now, you can order the Magic Mixie Magic Cauldron over at Amazon and Walmart. On the price side of things, the Magic Mixie Magic Cauldron comes in with an RRP of $69.99.

One word of warning, however, following the toy’s release, it’s selling out almost everywhere. If you can, be sure to set up a stock alert, and if possible, set aside the money so you can grab it the moment it’s back. As I mentioned before, I expect this toy to be one of the heavy hitters this holiday season, so buying as early as is possible is the way forward if you want to secure yourself one.

What New Mixies Toys Were Revealed in 2022?

The big one for 2022 right now is the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball. I’ve been hands-on with this toy and it’s just as magical as the misting cauldron.

The idea here is kids use their magical mixie powers to summon forth a new mixie. In practice, it’s so cool to see. Mist rises, sounds and lights blare, and then out of nowhere, a cutesy toy appears.

Just keep in mind, it’s a Magic Mixies toy, so expect it to sell out stupidly fast.

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