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21 Best Melissa and Doug Toys: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

Chances are, you’ve heard of Melissa and Doug. Known for its collection of quality toys for kids, Melissa and Doug have been making wooden, plush, educational toys, activity boards, and games for years. So, if you’re currently looking for gifts for kids for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions, look no further than our list of the best Melissa and Doug toys available right now.

With quality-made toys suitable for children of all ages, Melissa and Doug is boasted as the #1 parent-recommended toy brand for creativity and learning in the United States. Melissa and Doug toys are notable for their screen-free play: absolutely no screens or no apps. These toys are designed to engage kids in hands-on, imaginative play without all the tech. And, you know what? They’re great. The Melissa and Doug “Get Well” Activity Center even took home the 2019 Good House Keeping Best Toy Award. For all the most popular Melissa and Doug toys, read on.

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Who Are Melissa and Doug?

Per the company's website, the number one question they get asked is, "are Melissa and Doug real people?" Yep! They are. Named after founders Melissa & Doug Bernstein, this couple and parents to six, started making toys in Doug's parents' garage in 1988 and sold them out of a stick-shift station wagon. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now in more than 130 countries, the best Melissa and Doug toys are kid-tested, parent-approved, and award-winning favorites in the United States.

Known for producing screen and app-free toys, Melissa and Doug's mission hasn't changed since their humble garage beginnings. To this day, they strive to create playthings that inspire creativity and ignite imagination so that kids can discover who they are and what their passions are. Their designs and concepts are simple so that kids can offer their own creative spins and twists to the activity. They believe, what psychologists believe, that overstimulated kids don't create, don't imagine. They also believe, as do psychologists, that boredom is a good thing for kids. As co-founder Melissa Bernstein said, "It's when we're bored and have to dig deep to find ways to fill our time that imagination is born."

The Best Melissa And Doug Toys

We mentioned it above but feel it's worth repeating: Melissa and Doug toys are award-winning. As recently as 2019, Melissa and Doug took home the top prize at the Good House Keeping Awards for their "Get Well" Activity Center - a wooden activity set featuring a doctor's office on one side and a check-in station on the other. It was also featured on Good Morning America. This isn't the first time Melissa and Doug toys received some much-deserved attention - many of their toys have been featured on news programs, and by publications and award committees.

So, what are the best Melissa and Doug toys? It depends - which age group are you shopping for? Melissa and Doug make it super easy to find toys suitable for each age group. With activity sets, toys, and games designed for ages 0-8+, there's something for all kids and development stages. The Melissa and Doug Shop on Amazon features all the best Melissa and Doug toys available today, and even divides them by age, activity type, and interest. Our list of the best Melissa and Doug toys features, but these are some of our favorites:

  • Melissa & Doug "Get Well" Activity Center - award-winning interactive set perfect for kids ages 3+
  • Melissa & Doug Grocery Store- suitable for kids ages 3-6, this interactive grocery set is one of the most popular Melissa and Doug toys available today. It even comes with a shipping basket and food items. Don't forget the shopping cart - sold separately.
  • Melissa & Dough Dust, Sweep, Mop - it's never too early to get kids involved in cleaning, and this adorable and affordable set is a serious must-have. Great for kids ages 3-6.

For a look at all the best-selling and most popular Melissa and Doug toys, click here.

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