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101 Best Groomsmen Gifts: The Ultimate List

If you’ve asked someone special to be a groomsman, it’s likely that they’ve played an important role in your life and will undoubtedly support you on your wedding day. It’s customary to thank each groomsman for their participation in your friendship and in all of the wedding related festivities with a small gift. Plus, this gentleman probably threw in a few good words with your soon to be wife, so you should thank him for that, too.

The gift can vary in price, but we typically recommend something between $50 and $150 for each groomsman, depending on your budget and the size of your bridal party. You can choose a single gift, but it’s also popular to assemble a box of groomsmen gifts (several less expensive items that fit together). Typically groomsmen gifts are given the night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner or first thing the morning of the wedding. Some grooms also choose to give their groomsmen two gifts, one when they ask them to participate in the wedding party, and a second gift closer to the wedding.

You can take a few different routes when it comes to selecting a groomsman gift. Accessories for the big day are a popular choice, as they’re one less thing your groomsmen will have to think about when they wake up on the big day, and one less thing you’ll have to worry about them remembering. You can also take the route of gifting something that ties into their personal hobbies, an activity you two participate in together, or you may choose to gift a funny novelty item that speaks to your sense of humor. Lastly, we love the idea of choosing a practical gift – something he might not think to purchase for himself but that he will have a use for in his day to day life.

We’ve put together a list of 100 of the very best groomsmen gifts out there. In no particular order, here are our picks.

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