DWTS Judge Bruno Tonioli: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Bruno Tonioli, Dancing With The Stars

(Getty Images)

Bruno Tonioli is one of the best parts of Dancing With The Stars. The Italian choreographer is beyond talented, but what makes him so entertaining is his over-the-top personality. He is a fan favorite, a judge favorite, and a Heavy.com favorite. Check out the Top 10 reasons why.

1. Bruno Loves To Let Loose.

Bruno Tonioli

(Getty Images)

There’s nothing like a guy who doesn’t take things too seriously.

Bruno Tonioli, DWTS

(Getty Images)

Get it, Bruno!

Carrie Ann Inaba, DWTS, Bruno Tonioli

(Getty Images)

Steppin’ out with Carrie Ann Inaba.

2. He Knows How To Make A Man Dance.

Bruno Tonioli, Mario Lopez, DWTS

(Getty Images)

Bruno even gets Mario Lopez to dip him.

Kirstie Alle, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Bruno Tonioli, DWTS

(Getty Images)

He shows Maks his moves here.

3. He’s Got Moves Like Jagger.

Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Bruno Tonioli, DWTS

(Getty Images)

Bruno is seen here choreographing the Rolling Stones’ music video One Hit To The Body in 1986.

Mick Jagger, DWTS, Rolling Stones, Bruno Tonioli

(Getty Images)

Jagger gets cheeky with Bruno as he plays peek-a-booty.

Check out these outrageous clips of Bruno from Elton John’s “Still Standing” music video.

7. Bruno Tonioli Was A Member Of The Village People.

Sean Lowe, Bruno Tonioli, Village People, YMCA, DWTS

(Getty Images)

Bruno loved Sean Lowe’s YMCA dance so much on DWTS that he had to participate in the Encore performance on the next night’s results show.

DWTS, Bruno Tonioli, Village People YMCA

(Getty Images)

Bruno Tonioli, YMCA, DWTS

8. Just Call Him The Master Of Disguise.

Bruno Tonioli, DWTS

(Getty Images)


9. You Can Find Bruno At The Bookstore.

Listen to Bruno discuss his autobiography here.

10. Judges Bruno And Len Are Butt-Buddies.

Len Goodman, DWTS, Bruno Tonioli

They may argue a lot on the show, but they are two peas in a pod.

Len Goodman, DWTS, Bruno Tonioli

(Getty Images)

Not sure if their friendship is such a good thing…

Len Goodman, DWTS, Bruno Tonioli

(Getty Images)

On second thought…

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1 comment

  1. True. Bruno is a pervert. But there are a helluva lot less people that can even tolerate him (much less like him) than he thinks. He gushes too much, is too phony, is too loud, is too effeminate, just is too over the top. He and Carrie Ann need to be taken off DWTS. They BOTH gush over the men too much. Disgusting! Neither add anything to the show.