WATCH: Awesome Thing to Do in GTA 5, Pick Up a Car With a Helicopter and Fight

RoosterTeeth has released this new video showing a weird activity to do in GTA 5. Looks like a whole ton of fun and something that no one would really think of doing. Awesome. Check it out.

WATCH: Grand Theft Auto 5 Locations in Real Life

From the Hollywood sign, to the Chinese Theater, to the Capitol Records Building, to the skyline, GTA 5 has tons of real life locations from Los Angeles.

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GTA 5: 41 Amazing, Tiny Details and Things [VIDEO]

The subtlety in this game is mind-blowing. "if you stop your car in the road and block traffic, drivers will flip you off."

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Mythbusters: Episode 3 [VIDEO]

Can you survive in an underwater car if you have scuba gear? Does a car with an empty gas tank really not blow up? Find out these and more here.

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